Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Want some Skinz?

I know I do!

UV Skinz is promoting awareness of sun protection and skin cancer prevention by donating up to 3000 Baby Skinz swim shirts; UV Skinz will ship a free Baby Skinz swim shirt with every order placed in May. UV Skinz is encouraging customers to "pay it forward" by sending a list of suggested places for customers to donate the extra Baby Skinz swim shirt. Babies under age six months should not be in the sun at all. Most pediatricians recommend no direct sunlight exposure for infants within the first few years. Melanoma rates within the U.S. continue to grow at an alarming rates. As many of you know my four year old niece had a scare this winter when she was misdiagnosed with melanoma. Although we were lucky that it was non cancerous tumor in my niece's arm the importance of sun protection is a now a number one priority in our family! UV Skinz is an easy and stylish way to protect your family's skin!

My girls always wear long sleeved swimsuits at the beach. I like avoiding the whole sunscreen hassle.

Skargyle - Pink/Black Argyle is my favorite with the cute little skull and crossbones.

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