Saturday, April 17, 2010

The big 3-0

As of this morning I am down 30 pounds!!!! (since August)

At least 6 more to go before I am with in the medically approved healthy BMI.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Mad cooking Skillz...I gots 'em!

I continue to impress myself with each and every recipe. I was never really taught how to cook. I was the baby of the family. My youngest brother is 13 years my elder so I was the baby BABY. I was always seen as more of a nuisance. I was shooed out of the kitchen. As a teen that continued so I never really learned how to cook anything from scratch. I survived college on canned items, frozen pizza rolls, shells and cheese (the kind with the Velveeta in the pouch - yum) and of course Ramen noodles. (Obviously I packed on the freshmen 15...all those carbs, little to no exercise and massive amounts of alcohol consumption - NO WONDER!)

But now...I think I am a miracle worker in the kitchen. I have gotten really good at putting together a meal from nothing. I never thought I would be able to construct all the stuff I make. And I am still learning! I especially LOVE using the crock pot. That thing it great. I try to teach my girls a little culinary skills at a time. I can see why I was shooed away. It sure is a lot easier when there are not little people all around who could potentially get hurt but they will never learn anything not being in there with me. I want them to learn how to eat and cook healthy so that when they are young adults a meal comprised totally of carbs is not an option. I make myself proud in this respect and hope that my domestic goddess grandmother who was the epitome of a homemaker is smiling down on my and my mad skills. :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I hate being late. I mean I detest it with a passion. Why is it on Easter Sunday when the Pastor even said last week that parking will be tough we are still going to be late. After being at a friends' house late last night I got up extra early so that I could get the turkey breast cooking, shower, shave my leg, and usher 3 little girls through getting ready with minimal stress or grouchiness. I am ready to walk out the door with time to park and still get to worship with some great music but what am I doing???? Blogging. Gee, I wonder why that is. Grrrrr! I HATE being late but it most certainly does not start my Sunday mornings off the way I want them to be started - in a state of reverence.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Why do I blog?

Thinking back to when I started my blog, it all began because I was lonely. We had moved to a new state (1000+miles away from where I was before) and I needed an outlet for my loneliness. I am less lonely now but continue to blog. Unlike many of the blogs I follow, I don't really have a set theme other than 'me'. Bloggy friends I have vary from Moms blogging about couponing to nerdy science sites (I say nerd with the up most respect b/c I am one). I post what I am thinking or feeling or things that I see/hear that I like. I am glad to have the teeny tiny following I do. I appreciate knowing you read about my ramblings and thoughts. That is little peek into my world. Thanks for letting me share.


I am in a workshop watching a video about blogging and I am blogging at the same time. tee hee hee