Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dumb dog...

(the one in the picture is NOT ours although I bet I could find a similar picture if I had the time but I need to go bathe some girls and stop enjoying myself blogging...)

We have two actually but this post is solely in reference to the bog one. DH has the theory that she has two brain cells that are arguing over territory in the skull. They rarely work in conjunction. She is a red doberman named Copper (after the hound dog in The Fox and The Hound). She is 10 years old and almost as hyper as the day we bought her. The breeder said she'd calm down in a year or so to be a nice mellow dog - again back to the brain cell theory. She only has two of her canine teeth left as she broke the two upper ones chewing on a cinder block.

Up north every year (usually around 11 pm or after on her last trip outside for the night), she would catch a skunk. She was always an avid cat chaser but one would think that after getting sprayed the first time (and then having to endure the endless tomato juice baths in the driveway...before we splurged on a skunk scent cleanser after realizing this was going to continue to happen) would make one think twice about a chubby, black and white furry creature that seems a tad to easy to catch. The last time she caught a skunk she bit its butt so we got to enjoy that pungent aroma every time she defecated for at least the next two week. What joy! Again....why did she not learn?

Down here in the South she has found a couple new creatures to torment with adverse results to herself.
Frogs and lizards. She catches them and apparently there is a reaction(?) of some sort in her mouth as she spits them right back out then proceeds to smack her jaws together producing a frothy concoction that Hooch (of Turner and Hooch fame) would be envious. I am guessing this is a defense mechanism of such creatures.
Once she has spat them out they usually sit there and smirk (or so I think) at her for a minute before taking their time to move away. Again....why does she not learn?

Can't teach an old dog new tricks, I guess....or any tricks when it comes to skunks, lizards and frogs.

Oh, and while searching for images for the post I ran across this.....

we have one of these that frequents our patio. I think it is eating the dog food.

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