Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hooked On....Planning

I am all in the planning mindset with school almost over for the summer. I would call this my summer plans but I think some are going to take more developing than that. Here goes....

1. Hubby and I are going to come up with a value scale for the girls. Since the oldest is 7 she gets $7. The Middie is 5 so she gets $5 each week. The trick will be to keep all that money. For instance (we're still working on developing this) if they don't hang up their towels after bath they lose $0.25. If they don't put their dirty clothes in the basket they lose $0.50. What money remains at the end of the week they actually get and can use as they wish.

2. I am going to actually buy the Twilight series so I can reread them (that is what everyone has said I need to do before I move on to some other series). Then I think I am going to get the Sookie Stackhouse series and see if I like those books. I am shocking myself that I WANT to read - thanks to the Twilight books!

3. This summer I want to digitize as much of my teaching arsenal as possible (scanning papers and organizing them on my external drive). AND I want to set up my Blackboard (the district's web server for educational purposes - like a specifically formatted, hosted web page) for my classes next year (which I hear right now is all Chemistry).

4. Organizing a binder for my coupons and getting serious again about couponing.

5. I hope to try more new recipes to add to my cooking routine. Many great recipes here and here.

I have all sorts of other plans floating around in this graying head of mine but many depend on the house up north selling so I can find a house here and and begin 'living' in a dwelling again (I haven't hung any pictures and somethings I refuse to unpack since I consider this a temporary establishment for us even though we just signed our lease for another year). I do miss my scrapbooking very much. :(

Don't forget to drop in to Hooked On Houses to see what others are hooked on this week..


Struggler said...

Wow, I wonder how much money I'd lose if I 'fined' myself in the same way!
Hope this works for you; I have a feeling it will breed good habits very fast!

Ashley and Eric said...

I've been working on getting all of my classes on blackboard too! As if making lesson plans wasn't difficult enough, now we have to digitize all of them! Although, I'm really growing to love Blackboard!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

#2 - Yeaaaaaaa you! Buy the Twilight series and do re-read.

And perhaps by then, you'll be so into it, that you'll want to "get into" the filming of them. :-) 'New Moon' is in process now, with 'Eclipse' going to be filmed in the fall... etc. This aspect is fun too.

-giggles- Yes, it's interesting, what dipping into Stephenie's Vampire world, will convince us to do, isn't it? Me, who never got hooked on Ann Rice's Vampire world.

I tried some of the adult fun Vamp books but, sort of lost interest. Guess I need some _realness_ to my Vampire lore. Well, as much _realness_ as can be, that is. ,-)

Anyway, I got hooked on 'The Vampire Diaries.' And am reading the middle book now. Each book contains 2, plus the author's web site seems to say, that she continues the story, of this group of young people. I like the idea that a saga is continued. Not totally the same, as it began, but...

And yes, my 'Alice's Aunt' blog link below, take you to my blog, mostly devoted to my fav Vampire gal, 'Alice.' But with some posting, concerning the present filming of 'New Moon,' thrown in. :-) Imagine! A Woman Of A Certain Age like me, having this much fun.

Happy reading!
'Aunt Amelia'
Aunt Amelia's AtticDear you,Alice's Aunt

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh phooie, if I don't separate my blog links, they run on in a line. So I'll try again.

'Aunt Amelia'
Aunt Amelia's Attic...

Dear you,...

Alice's Aunt

Bdubba said...

Struggler - I have GOT to do something. I am so tired of being the nag.

Ashley and Eric - This is my first year at this school (and this state) not to mention learning blackboard but I feel like getting all my stuff on there will really help me (and my students/parents) stay organized and eliminate excuses.

Aunt Amelia's Attic - I will definitely peruse you blogs - thanks for the linkies. I must admit I am quite Twilight obsessed. I am following a few blogs about the cast and seeing sneak peeks of the New Moon set. I am so sad I am finished reading the series. :( I hope the upcoming movies do not leave out as much as Twilight did. I think my favorite of "scenes" will be the tent scene with Edward and Jacob (I think is in Eclipse???? I forget). :)

Alice's Aunt said...

Best wishes for your up-north house sale! It must be very 'un-nice' to live, with packed boxes. But I can see your 'why.' -sigh-

Alice's Aunt
Alice's Aunt

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Good for you! I need to make a few plans myself.

lifesignatures said...

Good luck to you! I give my kids allowances in accordance with their age but I don't deduct if they don't do it. It's just too hard to keep track. Instead, I encourage during the week and remind them they are getting paid for their chores. I automatically put their allowances into their own accounts and show them online the interest accrued. If they want something I'll deduct it from their account. I think it's working...