Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Public Service Announcement (PSA) for today

Cigarette smoke stinks.

It's stankity stankness sinks into things too.

Today I could barely stomach to be near a student's weather project and paper b/c it reeked of smoke so badly. I washed my hands several times after touching it b/c I could still smell it. I know what it is like to be a student of a smoker. My Mom smoked while I went through school and I hope my papers did not smell this way (gag). I always harped on her for smoking and since she quit (about 7 years ago) she now can smell the stench. (For the record, when she was a smoker she would say that I "made up" the smell b/c she could not smell it. HA!) In fact she complains about her older clothes that have been in her closet (yes, for that long...) smelling awful. I normally am not one for saying I told you so but... Mom, I TOLD YOU SO!!!! :P

In summary - smokes stinks. Don't smoke.

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