Sunday, May 17, 2009

On the same page....

DH and I had a nice little chat this morning (he was folding laundry and I was cleaning the kitchen - housework make the heart grow strong, lol). We talked about how when we do get to buy a house down here (see, positive thinking again...come on St. Joesph and since I am giving shouts outs to the Patron Saints....St. Anthony, what's up???), we wanted to be selective of our our purchases for it since we have been living with WAY less down here. (Moving from a 4 bedroom house to a three bedroom apartment, will do that to ya!) So some things we mentioned and agreed upon (getting this in writing so an not to forget...):

1) The office/computer room is going to be kept "show ready". We were both guilty of keeping it junky with papers, computer parts, trinkets, and other odd items but when we got the house into "show mode" once on the market, it really felt like a nice room to be in. It was light and airy feeling. Decluttered but homey. One of the things that I think helped was to cover the the stainless steel kitchen cart thing that DH used to house several of the computers (including our server...yes, we have one for our home...I don't argue...his deal...every one needs a hobby, I guess and there are a lot of worse things he could be doing). I used a silver grey piece of fabric and for being a monsterous piece it looked quite pretty after that. So for that room we need things to be hidden.

2) In addition to that I must store more of my teacher stuff elsewhere (like at school) or get rid of it. I had the whole closet in that room (the first year into the house DH put shelves in that closest so I could store my book s 2 or 3 deep. The closet was overflowing!) So, to help alleviate that one my part I plant to scan and digitize as much as possible. Colleagues of mine both past and present have down this and I think I need to b/c they always prove to be so organized with their stuff as opposed to me saying "I have this activity somewhere.....I'll see if I can find it" and then proceed to thumb through gazillions of files and books searching for it. Those said colleagues have organized their documents by topics too so that if textbooks change (and they always do every few years) or I change subjects/levels (as I seem to do every few years) I can still use my resources instead of being locked into the text supplementals or starting back over. I guess I am growing up. lol

3) When we purchase new furniture we will purchase a room's worth instead of mix matching AND we will NOT purchase a couch or couch like item from Lazy Boy. Recliner...maybe. Our couch - this first BIG piece of brand new furniture we bought ourselves 2 years ago as a custom order - SUCKS!!!! Service was poor while purchasing and delivery too. Warranty my foot! The padding had been worn down to where on certain pieces of the sectional it feels like you are sitting directly on the frame portion. Where the recliner piece's rip cords are (hidden between pieces), it has always been painful if you sit on that joint in the wrong way. There are more complaints we have but I will stop there for would actually need an entire post of its own.

4) We want to have an idea of what and how we want each room before we go purchasing items so that we don't 'settle' for things. (Remember my post about trying to decide what I want for the girls' rooms?) We have been bad about that in the past. :( I think it is because we were both brought up to make do with what we have and not want for things we our families never had a lot of spare money anyway. We settled for the house up north. We actually wanted a basement and this one did not have it. We knew it was a fixer-upper and won't make that mistake again either. We learned a lot but it is someone else turn for that - we're too old. lol This reason is why I obsessively watch the home shows and follow certain blogs so I can get a mental picture of what I want. The problem is I don't have a set style (at least I don't think I do). If I had to classify my housing taste it would be modern country. See what I mean? I like the homey feel of country charm but not all the useless clutter so it has to have a modern flair or twist that is streamlined. Yeah, not hard to please. lol

Feels like I have already done a ton work today thinking about all these things. And I still have papers left to grade. hmph...

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