Saturday, May 23, 2009


Our apartment eats things. Seriously. It is a small little place but stuff keeps disappearing. My necklace, Bean's Nike sandal, Oldest's water bottle, various papers, etc. I do wonder if we have a ghost who likes to take things to watch use all freak out while we cannot locate them. If so, how do I exorcise one? St. Anthony has still not come through for me on the necklace but I haven't stopped believin' either. (Got that song stuck in your head now, don't I? lol)


Alice's Aunt said...

It's "The Borrowers"! :-)

The Monkeys "I'm A Believer"! Yup, I remember.

Funny though, back then, it was "The Monkeys" and now it's Jackson's "100 Monkeys." -grin-

And thank you for leaving a comment on my wee little 'Twilight' themed blog. So nice to meet another Adult Twilight fan! :-)

Alice's Aunt
Alice's Aunt

Bdubba said...

I didn't know adult fans were so few and far between b/c most Mommies I encounter have one of the books in their had. i just ordered the box set to reread this summer (I had borrowed all of them before). I am excited. Also the New Moon trailer on Mtv was great.