Monday, June 28, 2010


Already Jazzercised for today. Taught the 5:45am class. Yeah, I am good like that. I will be metabolizing efficient all day today. :)

Beach today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's Sunday!

Church - good. Big Breakfast (which DH helped me cook) - good (although cost me 11 WW points...guess I am only going to eat 2 meals today....well, depends on if I Jazzercise this afternoon or not....). Going to go shopping with the SIL w/o the kids - excellent.

Need to fill out the WW paperwork so I can get some money from them. I need to hit lifetime weight before I will officially be hired and if the scales keep going up, they are not going to want me. :( Again....two meals today.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


trying to follow my own challenge here.....

Waiting on DH to get back to make the vacuum arm thingie spin so I can vacuum. Kitchen, living room, toddler's room and bathroom clean. Yea! Need to put my clothes up though.....that is next.

Failing at my own challenge....

Ok, so I have been in front of the 'puter more than this but.....hey, I AM posting now! :)

Did Boot Camp at Jazzercise today. It wasn't as difficult as the one I did when I was training to become an instructor. So either I am getting stronger or the two ladies who lead it were softer. Not sure how to decide the answer.

Straightening the apartment for the arrival of the sister-in-law and her hubs. Hope they don't want to eat anything while here b/c it is slim pickins'.

Coordinating with the girls our Eclipse date. YEA!!!!

Needing to look at some of these textbooks I have to evaluate (UGH) and fill out my Weight Watchers paperwork to be an employee. If I keep gaining weight they will not want me. On that note bought 3 new pairs of shorts today. From the juniors section. :)

More randomness later. Must sort papers now.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Summer is in full swing and I am not living up to my promised bloggy standards. So I am challenging myself that every time I sit down to the computer to FB or log WW points or whatever, I am going to post something in my blog. It may be...ok, probably will be, totally random but it will be SOMETHING. Hang on for a bumpy ride folks. This could get interesting!

This summer I have been more busy than during the school year. I am not quite sure how I let this happen but it has. I am teaching Jazzercise about 4 times a week and still attend my weekly WW meetings (up a little and not quit at goal yet but....sooooo close). I have traveled with most of my little family for a 5 day over nighter to correspond with the oldest's gymnastics camp where we did everything that city had to offer. I have been to Hollywood Studios at Disney. We have been to 2 different beaches and visited several pools for wet madness. I was trained in how to evaluate science textbook for the state department of education and this week alone have collected the 39 boxes of materials I am to evaluate before our September meeting. And you remember I am a mother of 2, right? Yeah, no time for foolishness here. We are working hard and using every nanosecond of summer! Stay tuned for more action.

On a side note Eclipse...opening night = midnight Tuesday --> Can't wait!!!!