Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Fat free taste gross....that is all.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Favorite Christmas Gifts this year...

Of course I picked these out myself (not one for surprises unless EXTREMELY well hidden).

My new purse - not an over the top brand name. I love it! Less than $20. :)

For you gentlemen this is probably TMI but I am elated that I can fit into Victoria Secret bras again and replenished my bra stash. Not overly sexy or exciting colors but I love them! <3

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Trying not to blame myself....

Maybe it is just my nature. Or maybe somewhere in some education class somewhere I was told it is my responsibility.....

It is exam time here. My students have a nine week exam and a semester exam w/i a week of each other. Today was the nine week exam. I am partially finished grading them but to combat the verbal comments of "It wasn't that bad" the grades are THAT BAD! I cannot figure out what else I could have done to help. I have seriously been teaching my little heart out. I have been "leaving it all in the classroom" (as opposed to the pep talk of leaving it all on the field...). I even gave them study guide material (which I said I wasn't b/c I felt the test study guides along with the tests which I went over in addition to all the papers I look for in the notebook collection wad plenty to study from. But I did it any way. Around the room I posted sample questions which mimic the exam questions. I may use a sodium instead of a calcium or other things like that but essentially I gave them the exam questions AND when they lift up the poster, the answer with the work! What else could I have done?  Sooooooo depressed.......

Seriously? It has come to this?

Last night I woke up from a vivid dream where I was continually trying to explain to my students how a single replacement(displacement) reaction works while balancing an equation. Ugh! Now I am teaching in my sleep? 

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Joys of Toddlerhood

The tow year old has discovered the yummy goodness of graham crackers dipped in cold milk. I may never have to cook for her again. I swear she ate an entire package today. I made breakfast for dinner (pancakes w/ syrup and sausage). She still chose the graham crackers. Oh well. I tried.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Starting anew.... where am I now?

These were my NYR (New Year's Resolutions) for last year. Let me see if I have kept up.

Drop some pounds/firm up - get on an exercise/diet regimen - I joined WW and Jazzercise in August, love both and am about 20 lbs lighter than I was then. Plan to continue both. Even thinking about becoming a Jazzericse instructor although the start of fee scares me! 

Successfully finish NBC -
YES! Finally. Praise God! Thinking about becoming an assessor myself now for a little bit of extra money or maybe revenge? Just kidding well, kind of....I am assuming if I assess then the renewal in 8 years should be cake, right? I wonder if NBCT will still get a little stipend then. 

Make some more "me time"
- Well, with the Jazzercise and WW I think that is where the me time has come in but I would sure like some more.....

Organize stuff - anything - well, everything.
- baby steps on this one...We now have all our belongings in the same state (I guess that would be step one). Since I am down 2ish sizes in clothes I recently cleaned out all the too big stuff. Yea for being smaller. Boo for losing clothes that I really like and not having the money to replace. Trying to look on the brighter side of "I am not finished losing weight so I don't want to buy new clothes yet" but I was a bad eater this holiday season. :( So, I do keep organizing and finding a better way to store/keep 100 lbs of stuff in a 50 lb sack.

Get rid of my acne (Accutane???)
- I haven't gotten new medication but I things in this department are mostly better until my monthly bill comes due. 

Grow my hair out...maybe...
- Since August, been growing but the 'swooping bangs' that HAD to be cut due to coloring/straight iron damage is the part I am the most impatient with. I hate not being able to tuck them behind my ear. So I guess I am working on this one too. I didn't even remember I posted this one or that this time last year I was thinking about it. I like the posh cut/bob I seem to hover between these days.

So, what is different for this year.....that is a whole 'nother post!