Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ditties by the Middie

When she got home from church Father's Day Sunday. She was asked what she did while there. Her response "Colored, ate some bread, drank some blood." They obviously had communion. She took an abnormally large piece from the loaf but enjoyed every minute of it.

There are a TON of little frogs here now. When I say little, think the size of a cricket little. The Middie decides to catch one (runs and squeals from the normal size frogs though). She was holding it between two fingers to show me and says "I know he is still alive because I ca see bubbles coming out his mouth." Poor little tiny froggy.

You gotta love that crazy little girl although I am still not happy with her last 'brilliant idea' of rinsing the toothpaste off her finger in the toilet bowl b/c her sister was in the way of the sink. grrr....

Crazy kid.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Hooked on Crocs

I think I have an addiction....but I suppose there are worse things I can be addicted to, right?

No, these are not all mine, some are the girls. And sadly some are not pictured that the girls have out grown. Conversely some of these are hand-me-downs from friends.

This is our newest lot as Crocs.com had a major sale. As you see there is a toddler wondering where her crocs are in the first picture but after that I was able to 'shoe' her away from the camera. (Ha, ha. I crack me up.)
I LOVE my leopard Malindis. They will be my "pop" of color in my mostly black/brown/khaki wardrobe.
Oops. Got my toes here. There are my 3 most worn pairs this past school year. (Remember I can wear 'dressy' flip flops so I guess I should clarify that these are my most worn closed toed shoes.) Black and brown Malindis on each side of my Orange clogs. The students LOVE the orange clogs that I usually wore on Friday with some sort of school shirt. Our colors are Orange and Black. Every Friday a different student would notice these shoes as a 'new' thing even though I wore them almost every Friday and some one in that class would comment on them. lol
Army green ones are not a preferred color in the wearing rotation but the Mammoth crocs are a favorite winter wear. Got more wear up north but came in handy here a couple of days too - only without heavy socks. :)

Croc flip flops what I was wearing when I broke my ankle at 7 months preggo so I am hesitant to wear them now (the pothole I fell in was more to blame than the shoes but I just don't want to temp fate). The platform heels on the other hand are very wearable and are comfy enough to wear all day at school teaching when I am feeling more dressy than usual.
Currently fitting (excluding the new ones) of the oldest.
Hand me downs to me from a dear friend.
Bronze heels. :)
My take-the-dogs- outside crocs along with the hubby's size 13 manly crocs. The toddler's fake crocs - her feet are growing too fast for the real deal yet. Although on an ordering mess up on my part, she does have a pink pair of mammoths that I forgot to photo - sorry.
Two pairs of hand-me-downs to the Middie from another dear friend (one with a blow out issue we will fix soon). Her Mammoths and her Mary Janes. The Oldest also had purple Mary Janes but out grew. They are being stored for the Middie's foot later.
The Oldest's first pair - purple to wear with her then cheer squad stuff, My brown Mary Janes. I have a Burgundy pair as well that are currently MIA. :( I think the apartment ate them. Still no necklace yet....St. Anthony I am begging!!!!

Seeing how we just returned to our state yesterday afternoon I have lots of updates to make so be on the look out for posts!

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Saturday, June 6, 2009


I HATE not having any. I HATE being poor financially speaking. Love don't pay the bills.

So nice to hear...

I had a student this past year that I really connected with. She found a love for Chemistry that wasn't there before b/c I helped her be successful and believe in herself in the content. She told another teacher (one whom she did not get along with ALL year - yep, heard about that too) that b/c of me she thinks she might want to be a chemistry teacher. That prompted this series of emails. I emailed her mother since she was exempt from exams and technically out for the summer.

Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2009
From: me
To: Mom
Subject: Student's Comment today

Please tell her what she said about me in Ms. So-and-So's class is one of the highest compliments a teacher can get (Ms. So-and-So shared it with me). Thank her for me too. I will definitely miss her and her exuberance next year.

From: Mom
To: Me
Subject: RE:Student's Comment today

Ms. Me,
Student is an energetic personality and she has many strong points. Thank you for complimenting her and encouraging her in your class and with outside issue as well. One thing that I know about her that has always proved to be true is her 'read' of teachers. She can spot an unorganized, non-leader in a heart-beat. Usually you have to weigh what your kids tell you about their teachers, but she is spot on and it isn't told to her...she reads them. I know she has only EVER spoken so highly of you, your teaching style, your techniques and your bar is high (like Ms. 5TimeNationalChampionsDanceTeacher - whom I also respect enormously). I know she has said many times how The School could use many more teachers like you with a passion for their subject and a talent for teaching it. Too bad we can't live in an ideal world. I am sure there would be more successful students if we could make that come true. :)

Thanks for always keeping up with me this year regarding Student. I will miss you, too...even though we never met (except for Open House).



It is things like this that make up for the long hours, little pay and endless amounts of paperwork.

Friday, June 5, 2009

No more students until August


That is a MAJOR understatement. Sadly I am actually excited to start anew again in August. My syllabus (I 'think' I only have one prep next year- Chemistry)has been sent off to the copy center. I have also copied other pesky beginning-of-the-year-papers like the Lab safety contract, general lab procedures, etc. I feel pretty accomplished already and I haven't even turned in my grades yet.

With some student volunteers I took some pictures today of what they "think" the teacher sees and then what we know they are doing even though we may not directly see it (cell phone issues). We had some fun with it. One of the student asked "Are you going to show these as what not to do with your cell phone next year, Teacher?" My response was, "Who me?" They know me too well at this point. :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Twilight contest

I never win any of these but that's no reason not to share the info so you can enter too! Clickie here.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Middie is witty

Conversation between my 5 year old and myself yesterday in the car….

The Middie: Mommy, where did you and Daddy meet?

Me: (I usually point out it was in the ‘underage bar’ at OU but this was the edited version for her.) While we were at college.

The Middie: How old were you when you met Daddy?

Me: 19ish

The Middie: How old was Daddy?

Me: 19. Why are you asking?

The Middie: How old were you when you got married?

Me: 23.

The Middie: How old was Daddy?

Me: 24. Why are you asking me these questions?

The Middie: Who were your friends when you got married?

Me: (I gave a list of a few close friends.)

The Middie: Who were your friends in college?

Me: (I gave a list of a few close friends.) Why are you asking these questions?

The Middie: Well, you say you don’t have any friends here so I was trying figure out who your friends were.

Me: Umm….ok.

The Middie: What did you and Daddy do with your time before you had us?

Me: (At this point I lost it and was cracking up.) Well, we went out a lot. We traveled to Cbus to visit many weekends. I coached cheerleaders, the dance team and a couple of science clubs. I also finished my Masters degree before y’all came along. Daddy and I did a lot of work on the house and in the yard. The dogs got a lot more attention. We have asked ourselves that very question too.

What truly prompted these questions I have know idea but The Middie really does make me laugh.