Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Perfect Mother's Day for this year.....

I was mentally making this list before Calen posted a description of her. (Or maybe it is a case of imagery being the greatest form of flattery....). Although I like the jeans skirt concept, I am going for a little more of my own possible reality. (Again think/believe it will happen and it will? Or maybe might?)


We as a family of 5 would go to the beach (as we have been at least once a month since moving here) BUT I would do no prepping for it. The nutritious yet fun lunches/snacks would be waiting in the fridge. The towels and sunscreen would already be packed so that everyone is happy with their necessities (no fighting over who gets the princess towel and who has the - let's say - Shrek towel). The sand toys, chairs and boogie board would be already in the car.

Once there I could immerse myself in one of the Twilight books I am now rereading (yeah, I plan to post more about that later....). I would not have to watch the big girls b/c they are perfectly safe (maybe the Daddy-o watching them) but so safe I could take a nap while basking in the sun.

After we've all reached our fill of sand and salt water, we would stop to grab a bite to eat on our way home (Yes, they eat ENORMOUS quantities of food while at the beach. It is really a sight to behold.) Maybe Applebees or the like (not fast food though). That would mean once we get home I would not have to go straight to the kitchen to cook.

After everyone showers, we'd either have a family movie night or a rousing game of Super Mario Party or Mario Kart.

Notice there is no school work in the Sunday scenario. :)

All those thing could possibly happen. Other things I would like to see occur but are far less likely: finding the necklace I lost some time last fall, getting a respectable offer on our house up north, a lavish shopping spree - after winning the lottery of course.

A girl can dream can't she?

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