Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Lord works in Mysterious ways....

This morning the middie has a gymnastics "meet" (basically hyped up presentation for the parents to spend $75 on for an obnoxiously pink leotard, admission, trophy, certificate, and many photo ops). I was there for the first session. The 'preschool' session. When I signed up for this I talked through the submission with the lady at the desk. The middie is in Pre-K. She is 5 years old and takes the beginner class. So for the last two months her class has been working on their routines for each apparatus (beam, bars, floor and vault). As I watch as the meet starts I notice she is about a head taller than every other child out there. I snicker about that to myself but the tallness is not unusual for my little family seeing how Big Daddy is 6'7". After the beam where each gymnast literally got to walk down it I began to get annoyed since I got the feeling she was in the wrong group. The middie learned real routines. She was even demonstrating for me last night "the candlestick" where she lays on the beam and pulls her toes up over her head. While this is all processing in my brain I hear another woman say something about all the kids being 3 or 4 years old. Mine's not! I was getting angry at this point and trying to figure out who to talk to as obviously a mistake had been made. The mull over this as the events pass. I try to smiles and laugh and clap like the other parents but I am very peeved. Then the awards ceremony took place where each child walked up the podium to receive their ribbon, trophy and other little goodies - photos galore during this time by loving family members. An announcement comes on saying there will be a raffle following the awards. We sit and wait. I am still simmering at this point about the receptionist not helping schedule the middie for the correct meet level/time. Then her name is called. She WON the raffle!!! It is for a year's scholarship for gymnastics! For the "normal" person this may not be a big deal but this made my boiling blood freeze in its tracks as we are talking about not having close to a $100 commitment each month for the next year!!!! You do the math. $75 fee for this thing (which Mamaw so graciously paid since we have no spare money) but win $1200 scholarship! Amen!!! I truly believe this is one of the ways God is providing for us as we are barely keeping afloat paying to live down here and not yet having the house sold up north. I am very thankful to be this blessed!

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