Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Things that made me think of home today....

Although the 2 bucks on the top of the first one kind of disturbs me.....

Friday, January 23, 2009

A Haiku for U

Haiku. by sungazing.

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense

A Challenge...

Take a self portrait for the next 365 days......hmmmmmm....the one I saw was pretty creative. She is a photographer so she 'played' with some of the pics. I wonder if it would help boost me or depress me??????

Anyone want to play with me?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Givin' some Props...

Well, I have been abandoned so DH can be sworn in as a US citizen (actually he will have dual status). So I am "single mom" until Sunday morning. I don't like being a "single mom". When DH and I were taking the various "how-to-be-a-parent" classes when I was preggo with DD#1, there was a lady there who when introducing herself made it quite clear she was a single mom BY CHOICE. (Those were her words. "Hi, my name is ?????. I'm a single Mom by choice.) Needless to say, DH and I kind of shied away from her (her hormones must have been on over drive...she was a little pushy...) but we always wonder how much of a choice it really was. Was it an 'oops' from a one night lover? Was she wanting to be a mom so badly that she was inseminated (traditionally or artificially)? Made with a BF who is now out of the picture?

I would NOT choose to be a parent alone but I admire those who are clearly stronger than me and do have to do it all by themselves.

The day care just called and said the baby has a fever....wonder if this means I have to call into my work tomorrow b/c of a 24 hour wait policy....see what I mean...I can't do this alone!


Monday, January 19, 2009

MLK day

I wish I could be a SAHM. I love being home with the girls and getting caught up on everything house related. *sigh*


I must be a creature of habit. I like schedule. I like being "normal" or when things are relatively unexciting. I am sure this personality trait of mine is why I chose the profession I did.

From where I value my mundane existence so much I stress out every time I hear anything about Barack Obama. I can't feel excited for him as I feel anxiety for him. This feeling comes from the fact that he and his family will never be "normal" again. There will always be some media person somewhere just waiting for 'an opportunity' not to mention rebel flag wavin' 'Ol Bubba from the hills... I worry for his daughters. I pray for him and his family.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rah rah ree, kick 'em in the knee. Rah rah rass, kick them in the .....

other knee....

Today I administered 2 scan tron semester exams.

Went to lunch at an authentic German resturant.

Attended a parade in our football team's honor (walked outside the resturant to the main street in the "downtown"). Was given 2 orange and black bead necklaces for each of my girls AND a pom pom. Cheered and hollered like a fool with the rest of the teachers I was standing with (our principal laughed when he saw us - then said this is why he doesn't let us out more. lol) The parade was really nice. Several school and community groups and the town had an impressive turn out for mid-day on a weekday.

Followed the parade to the stadium where the team was given the key to the city in a very nice ceremony completed with fireworks!

After all of the festivities I could not must the energy to go back into my building at school so I went home.

Today was SO much better than I imagined it would be. I hope tomorrow will be just as exciting. :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ode to Paisley

Paisley is one of the oldest's spelling words this week so I googled for an image b/c I could not think of any paisley fabric pieces or clothing laying around my house. So here is my Ode to Paisley:

After looking at them for awhile I think they must have been inspired by the paramecium:

Sunday Evening Remorse...

That is my definition for the anxious feeling I get from about 5pm on Sunday until I flop into bed. The feeling that I cannot do an excellent job at teaching as well as being a Mommy because I also HAVE to do the other job. It is not that I wast time per say on the weekends. The time "wasted" is usually b/c I am with the girls doing something. I dive into bed past 11pm with tasks in both departments not complete. *sigh*

Here's to a new week......

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I work...I get the job done....

(Big Daddy Kane reference in the title for those who are not down, yo.)

This is how my "luck" usually goes:

Dh took the girls out of the house so I can concentrate.

External hard drive (where my school stuff is...) will not load onto my desk top 'puter.

Change to laptop. The NEW one I got for my birthday this fall.

Laptop let's me open the word docs but not save anything. grrr

So I decide to watch the classes I videoed for NBC entry.

Cannot get the camera hooked up to any of the 3 TVs we own so that I can see and hear the tape. grrrrrrrrr

I give up and start doing interactive questions on my 'puter as a way to study for another stinkin' test I have to take for this new state. Reciprocal certification you say??? HA!

So today I am back at trying to get some exams made up. Wish me better luck this time!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolutions....

In no particular order:

Drop some pounds/firm up - get on an exercise/diet regimen

Successfully finish NBC

Make some more "me time"

Organize stuff - anything - well, everything.

Get rid of my acne (Accutane???)

Grow my hair out...maybe...

Now I have a written public record of what I want to do. Let's see if that motivates me more....or not....

The ghost of Christmasses past....

(This is the image that appeared when I googled 'theme' images....????)

Each year my Mom's sisters plan a gathering in the central part of my former state where they and their families gather for a Christmas celebration. Food, family and fun. Over 10 years ago, after the death of an elder family member, it was decided we needed more motivation to these gatherings than to just 'be together'. We needed more of a mission or challenge to entrust we are all engaged in the event. So the theme idea was born. My cousin (Hi Cuz - if you found this!) compiled the list of themes since this began. Here they are:
09 - Mistletoe (this is what I heard through the grapevine anyway...)
08 - A Christmas Carol (didn't get to attend b/c of scheduling issues coming from 1000+ miles away)
07 - Happy Birthday Jesus (complete with cupcakes for the birthday party)
06 - Blue Christmas (the women met up prior to this and decorated cookies which I think was my favorite part. We each brought a soup of salad to share. This where my uncle learned of my Chilli makin' skills that should be known world wide but I like to keep it my little secret. I watched my grandma make hers for years and picked up this skill.)
05 - the 12 Days of Christmas (actually a tough them but I 'had' the perfect present for the exchange but could not attend the party...still have my pear tree complete with partridge...well, bird like figurine...)
04 - Angels (I made angel oranments made of pasta and feathers. They were cute. I was proud.)
03 - Stars of Christmas (I like this theme - again so many things you can fit into this theme)
02 - Twas the Night Before Christmas
01 - Gingerbread man (we tried making/decorating them -MESSY)
00 - Silver Bells (My cat enjoyed all the jingle bells that inhabited our house for years to come after this theme)
99 - The Candy Cane (legend of the Candy Cane was big this year - fairly easy theme to follow)
98 - White Christmas (I think the main sisters sang the song Sisters from the movie of the theme name)
97 - Santa Claus is Comin' to Town
96 - O Christmas Tree (Uncle got decorated as the tree - pretty funny)

So using these themes you are supposed to bring a gift for the pirate gift exchange (draw numbers, choose or steal gift from someone else) which fits into the theme in some way. You can go for the literal meaning or a figurative one or even use colors associated with the theme. A few years back the Cuz in reference above, DH and I figured out a way to team up to barter for the gift from the exchange that we each want if the numbers we draw will allow. I hope this same Cuz can hook us up virtually for this party in the future. The drive is hellation and we are not intending on making it every year. :( I would however contribute to the game through Skype. Post my gifts up and have some one be my hands. I think that would be fun! We'll see......

Party like a rock star....

Here at the Casa, we decided to stay in for the evening and do the family thing. I did party like a rock star only if you consider guitar hero that magnitude (Sweet Home Alabama became my nemesis and I played it on the slowest setting in practice mode and it became very depressing - not to mention turned into about a 20 minute song!). We also enjoyed Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader Disney edition. I won a game of it. :D The questions were not exactly what I expected but still gave the 7yo some reading practice which is always good.

DH battled sleep on the couch as he was not into the board game (more bored for him, lol) and I turned in my guitar to give the 5yo a chance to play the Disney Princess game on the Wii. It holds her attention for HOURS and she does it all by herself. She has beaten the game numerous time but still loves playing.
I highly recommend it for the youngins' but not a game you as an adult will take over. Hubs did actually wake up for all of us (except the baby) to watch the ball drop.

My real event for the night was the continuation of trying to make edible Buckeyes. The day prior I did the peanut butter part (which went well and tasted yummy - heck, I was even thinking how easy these were to make at that point - possible even do as presents or my contribution to various parties next year). Then (cue dramatic music)......for the life of me, I could NOT get my chocolate to melt so I could dip those bad boys. I tried the double broiler thing (for fake - 2 pans + water = water in chocolate b/c Mommy had to also chase a toddler), putting the pan right on the burner (I think this is where I denatured the cocoa hence burning the chocolate and made it grainy) - decided since I now had a pan of chocolate that I would dump in some sweetened condensed milk to attempt fudge so as not to throw out all that chocolate. I restrospect I prbably just wanted to like the can and get a sugar rush so I could continue on my mission for chocolate/peanut buttery greatness. The buckeyes turned fudge....I got out the second and final stash of the normal bark choc I bought for this task and tried the microwave - still no dice. Then tried the double broiler again. This chocolate was beyond help. It got dumped. :( Luckily when I purchased my supplies for this, there was a white chocolate bark there that I picked up to save for a rainy day that was now needed. The white chocolate melted perfectly in the microwave and I then completed the Buckeyes. I was trying to think of some catchy title for this post like "What do you call white buckeyes?....the only ones I can make". Yeah, not funny but.... Enjoy the pic.
(note the "hairy" buckeye of the grainy choc toward the bottom and those that are actually brown covered are covered in the fudge mixture not just chocolate.)