Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Well, no...

More about the whole bomb thing:

One of my Ss asked me "Was XXX take out of your class?"

I said, "It was during the bell that I had him but we were in the stadium b/c of being evacuated."

He said, "Did you even know he had it in his bag?"

My response was my head shaking side to side for no. After pondering I should have said, "Well, everyday I ask each student if they are carrying a pipe bomb as they come into my class after I say hello and how are you." or "I just put my Xray glasses in for repairs so he snuck this one by me."

Got any other come backs for me?

Monday, October 27, 2008

No, seriously....

So, I am cruising along graded exams (the 4 classes worth that were taken today since last week was a wash...see prior post about bomb) when my cell phone rings. I had luckily turned on the ringer in fear of BWv2 first transport to the gym on their bus this afternoon. Not sure what I was/am worried about but that is just my nature. The lady on the other line says she is from my child's school clinic but everything is all right (why the hell you callin' me then???). That BWv2 has a fever of 101.5 and I needed to come and get her. CRAP! There goes my teacher of the year award for getting all quarter exams graded and recorded in less than 24 hours. Then another thought crosses my mind...it is time for the buses to go there. DOUBLE CRAP!! The one time I tried to have BWv2 be a car rider (I pick her up from school) it took me 35-40 minutes to travel a block (NOT EXAGGERATING!). So I throw everything in my backpack and head out the door. I run into the student who has accommodations for extra time on her exam and was coming to take me up on the offer and I briefly explain that I HAD to leave and we'd deal with it during class time tomorrow which I was trying to avoid. *sigh* DH is more than accommodating as he is going to pick up BWv3 and v4 so I don't have to leave and can continue my plight of grading exams. As the newbie that I am there, I accidentally locked myself out of one of the grading programs b/c I apparently tried to change my passwords out of sequence (3 passwords for 3 main programs and I choose the wrong order to change them....oops...my bad).

On the bright side...no reported bombs in my room today although a student asked me if I even knew the kid had it in my room. Made me feel stupid but....I kind of liked the fact I was stupid to that query. Dinner is mostly done. I did meatballs in the crock pot and will fix some mac and cheese to accompany them closer to eatin' time.

Ok, I will quit procrastinating and go grade.......

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lazy Sundays....

I have always enjoyed Sundays. Relaxing one more day before the work week. Spending it with family and loved ones. Resting. Eating home made food. When I was younger this all came after church but I have nor found a home church since moving from home. I need one. I think that might be the part of resting on Sundays I am missing. I know I want my girls to be brought up in a church family like I was but how does one get started? Still a nice Sunday afternoon nap is always appreciated! :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008


HSM 3 was awesome!!!! I am more addicted now...can't wait for it to come out on DVD and have an HSM night with my girls! Fabulous!

Eventful week...

As if my week was not 'exciting' enough (switching gyms, Mom visiting, BWv4 changing rooms at day care, the bomb thing, etc.), I had to put in my first call to poison control last night b/c our fast-as-lightning little one decided to help herself to some liquid dish soap. I always thought I was calm cool and collected when it comes to emergency type situations but I was freakin' out, man. Not to mention one would think that the first and LARGEST thing that would appear when googling 'poison control' would be the 1-800 number for them. Not so. Had to dig through their web page. I think everyone should have a poison center magnet for their fridge. I thought I had one. Nope. (Adding to my mental "To Get" list: Poison Center magnet.) Turns out as long as there is no bleach in a cleaner you just let their little bodies deal with the substance (read: puke). I think she is all right now but the visual of her gasping past the greenish liquid in her mouth is not one I will soon forget. Although, now she has earned a new nick name: Bubbles. She is really putting me through the Mom paces. You'd think she was my first. Sadly, she is my last. I think she may be trying to help me experience all the "fun" things like this that my first two did not do. Thanks, Bubbles.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Now I know....

the panic it is to be in the middle of a true bomb threat. It was one of my students! Really freaked out.

Two Students Arrested After Bomb Scare On Mid-Term Exam Day

There was a real bomb inside High School on Thursday, mid-term exam day, and two students were arrested. Instead of taking tests, all the students had to be evacuated. The bomb was a homemade device found inside the school. It was made out of a CO2 cartridge and some explosive powder.Three-thousand students were evacuated and police put the campus on lockdown as a precaution. Anxious students phoned or texted parents. Some had to wait outside the campus for 90 minutes until it was deemed safe.One worried mom decided to keep her daughter out of school for the rest of the week."The threat may be gone, but if they found one bomb in the school, there might be others. The kids don't know that," parent said.Police took two students into custody after a student spotted one with the device at 8:30am and told a teacher. Police located the student and found the device on him.Investigators said the two students arrested are 15-year-old and 16-year-old. They were charged with incendiary device possession, destructive device on school property or at school event and disturbing the peace/disturbing school function.Police call the device a "stinger," or small pipe bomb. In this case, it was a CO2 canister available at any hardware store, but this one had powder inside and a fuse."It did appear to have the capabilities of exploding. County EOD removed the device," explained Police Department.Students that Eyewitness News talked to said there's often joking chatter on campus about bombs from certain pranksters, but nothing serious until Thursday."I know all the kids and they would have done something stupid," student said."Are these guys troublemakers?" reporter asked her."Pretty much," she said.Thursday was the final day of 9th-week exams, but the students' motivation for bringing what looked like a working bomb onto campus is unknown for now.

So....it was an interesting day to say the least. Happy to be alive.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Schedule change

Why do I feel so discombobulated with schedule changes?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

To blog or not to blog..... FAIL

First blog = fail.

Did not save it. Clicked on other things. Post gone. Try again i a minute. Let me see if I can save/post successfully before I pour my heart out again.

ETA: found it....schewwww (wiping sweat off brow)

To blog or not to blog.....

Well, after realizing I have become somewhat addicted to reading blogs (my "mommy board" is changing formats and I am loosing interest in the newer format so I have graduated to blogs)....I think I have made the decision to blog. Yea? The reason I say it like that is I have MORE than enough obligations to occupy my time daily rather than blogging but from what I have been reading it is a nice outlet for venting and when I was a pre-teen/teen I did keep a journal so I guess this could be therapeutic for me. The blogs I have been following are so well written, insightful and well....inspiring. Will mine be that good? Doubtful but I am doing this for me. Wait....a full time WOHM of 3 doing something for herself???? Have I lost my mind? Probably but I guess there are worse things I could be doing. DH has facilitated this new obsession by getting me an Eee PC laptop for my birthday. It is AWESOME! I teased him that he got himself a new toy for my bday but he really has left me alone with it and it is something I needed but never knew I needed until I had one, kwim? As soon as I play with posting a pic I will post on of it.

Well, if anyone is reading this please let me know......just curious.....