Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mmmm, like butter

Haggardly busy weekend for me. Directly after school got my hairs did then put a massive dent in the house cleaning (looked good doing so since my hairs were freshly did too). Saturday morning got up when I usually do on weekdays to get the oldest together for a gymnastics meet. I graded chem tests during the event warm ups. At noon the Mister picked her up then I was on the clock - volunteering for money for her account. I did wrapped flowers, took admissions and worked the high rollers table until the last gymnast left that night (about 10pm). Today I took the girls to church (yes, still loving the church I was introduced to) then went back to the meet to work another 4 hours. The Mister did set up and tear down Friday evening and this evening respectively. We should have some solid money in her account for next year. This year we had none and so all her meet fundage has been out of pocket b/c we were not with the gym the year prior.

So, what does this description have to do with butter? I suppose I could talk about the big buttery Jesus I used to live near but I am not I am talking about these pants. I had a pair of these as short PJ shorts and loved them but my cyber friend Mamalicious had talked so much about them and their buttery goodness that I rediscovered them. Well, Saturday I wore the 'capri' variety and today I wore the long pants (as pictured). Yes, I know they are really lounging pants (aka not supposed to leave the house in) but with the right top and presentation no one will ever know they are for nights. The feel SOOOO good too. Something that feels this good can't be wrong. :) I contribute my being able to survive this weekend to this line of bottoms. I have now vowed I will own all the pants in all colors. Trust me. I am not the only Mommy doing this. I can only hope that one day you will have your own buttery goodness to get you through a busy day.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh blog, how I have missed you.....

(Dang, it has been so long that I prematurely posted an empty update. Not like I have many readers any way.....)

I miss summer. The paid freedom to do what I want when I want. There has been exciting stuff going on. This is going to be some what of a ramble but I have so much to say in so little time.

*My tomato plant produced a cherry tomato. The toddler picked it before it was all the way ripe. Then threw it on the patio. I barely saved it from its two story demise of rolling under the rail. I sat it on the counter until it ripened. I wanted to take a picture of it but forgot and ate it. Tasty. There are 3 other green ones out there. Maybe I will get a pic of them to post.

* School is going great. Busy but good. Not sure if we are just still in the honeymoon period but the students have been well behaved. On the adult front, I have recruited some more colleagues for our Friday afternoon faculty "choir practice". I have been faithful to WW while enjoying the company.

*So far there is over 12 lbs less of me. Yea! Hasn't been too bad but I do miss the Philly Cheese steak and beer battered onion rings I would usually get. I guess something has got to give though. Ahh, sacrifice.

*Jazzercise is WONDERFUL! I have missed it so much. When I need another challenge I think I would like to try to become an instructor. The facility i go to has some phenomenal instructors. I am not sure I would be as good as them but I think I'd like to try it! It costs a pretty penny to become one so that would be the main obstacle.

*Speaking of money stuff...we have a strong nibble going on the house. If things keep going in this direction we will no longer be home owners by the end of next month. WOOO HOOO! Our lease is signed until next August so we have plenty of time but I have been drooling over houses. I am SOOO ready to go house shopping.

*My Mom is coming to spend the week with us for Thanksgiving. It is so not like her to travel away from home during a holiday and to stay for the whole week! I can't wait to hang out with her. I do miss being home.

*Heading north with the toddler the beginning of next month for a class reunion. This should be interesting on all accounts.

*Gymnastics season has begun. One meet down 6 more to go. This weekend is the one our gym hosts so I will be working my tail off to add money to ODD's account for next year. I guess some money for nothing is a good thing but I am not looking forward to working like a Hebrew slave with every waking hour of my weekend.

*St. Anthony has not brought my necklace back to me yet. :( Or my burgundy Mary Jane crocs. :(

*The Middie is a big Kindergartner now. She has had two notes home regarding behavior (hitting another kid b/c he would not stop stepping on her shoe laces) and playing not paying attention. We knew this day would come.

*Beans is now in the 3 year old room at day care even though she is not even two yet. She is potty trained with the exception of night time. They say she listens there and was a better fit into that room with the listening and pottying. Whatever.

*Really liking the new church even though it is the polar opposite of my church at home. I guess change is good.

Well, those are the super exciting happenings in my day to day world. Hope you have enjoyed reading. Maybe I can get a regular pattern going with the blog instead of continuing the posts of randomness.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Webkinz Bunny

We have MANY webkinz all with names. The oldest just got a white bunny webkinz for her birthday. She decided to name it Nibbles. I continue to tease her by 'mis-speaking' it's name to Nevil (an evil boy character on iCarly - one of the shows she watches and therefore I am forced to listen to frequently). In one of our banters about the name she mis-spoke and said "Her name is Nipples!" So now the bunny has a brand new name.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

SO buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I have been so busy since school starting I have really neglected my blog. Sorry, baby. :(

I am having a Bean free weekend. She is up north with her Daddy. I have about a half an hour to get things together and take my little gymnast to a BIG meet. We were already out late last night as we had a date with Disney on Ice. It was a great show.

My school world has gotten better since the first week (the post just before this one). It has achieved normalcy. I have a backpack full of grading, a test to revise and make a review sheet for and more planning to do. yep ,that's normal.

I am anticipating the arrival of November. NBPTS results and my Momma will be here around turkey day.

Yeah, I know kind of a small random post but I need to go get stuff together so I am ready to hit the road.