Saturday, June 6, 2009

So nice to hear...

I had a student this past year that I really connected with. She found a love for Chemistry that wasn't there before b/c I helped her be successful and believe in herself in the content. She told another teacher (one whom she did not get along with ALL year - yep, heard about that too) that b/c of me she thinks she might want to be a chemistry teacher. That prompted this series of emails. I emailed her mother since she was exempt from exams and technically out for the summer.

Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2009
From: me
To: Mom
Subject: Student's Comment today

Please tell her what she said about me in Ms. So-and-So's class is one of the highest compliments a teacher can get (Ms. So-and-So shared it with me). Thank her for me too. I will definitely miss her and her exuberance next year.

From: Mom
To: Me
Subject: RE:Student's Comment today

Ms. Me,
Student is an energetic personality and she has many strong points. Thank you for complimenting her and encouraging her in your class and with outside issue as well. One thing that I know about her that has always proved to be true is her 'read' of teachers. She can spot an unorganized, non-leader in a heart-beat. Usually you have to weigh what your kids tell you about their teachers, but she is spot on and it isn't told to her...she reads them. I know she has only EVER spoken so highly of you, your teaching style, your techniques and your bar is high (like Ms. 5TimeNationalChampionsDanceTeacher - whom I also respect enormously). I know she has said many times how The School could use many more teachers like you with a passion for their subject and a talent for teaching it. Too bad we can't live in an ideal world. I am sure there would be more successful students if we could make that come true. :)

Thanks for always keeping up with me this year regarding Student. I will miss you, too...even though we never met (except for Open House).



It is things like this that make up for the long hours, little pay and endless amounts of paperwork.

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