Friday, June 26, 2009

Hooked on Crocs

I think I have an addiction....but I suppose there are worse things I can be addicted to, right?

No, these are not all mine, some are the girls. And sadly some are not pictured that the girls have out grown. Conversely some of these are hand-me-downs from friends.

This is our newest lot as had a major sale. As you see there is a toddler wondering where her crocs are in the first picture but after that I was able to 'shoe' her away from the camera. (Ha, ha. I crack me up.)
I LOVE my leopard Malindis. They will be my "pop" of color in my mostly black/brown/khaki wardrobe.
Oops. Got my toes here. There are my 3 most worn pairs this past school year. (Remember I can wear 'dressy' flip flops so I guess I should clarify that these are my most worn closed toed shoes.) Black and brown Malindis on each side of my Orange clogs. The students LOVE the orange clogs that I usually wore on Friday with some sort of school shirt. Our colors are Orange and Black. Every Friday a different student would notice these shoes as a 'new' thing even though I wore them almost every Friday and some one in that class would comment on them. lol
Army green ones are not a preferred color in the wearing rotation but the Mammoth crocs are a favorite winter wear. Got more wear up north but came in handy here a couple of days too - only without heavy socks. :)

Croc flip flops what I was wearing when I broke my ankle at 7 months preggo so I am hesitant to wear them now (the pothole I fell in was more to blame than the shoes but I just don't want to temp fate). The platform heels on the other hand are very wearable and are comfy enough to wear all day at school teaching when I am feeling more dressy than usual.
Currently fitting (excluding the new ones) of the oldest.
Hand me downs to me from a dear friend.
Bronze heels. :)
My take-the-dogs- outside crocs along with the hubby's size 13 manly crocs. The toddler's fake crocs - her feet are growing too fast for the real deal yet. Although on an ordering mess up on my part, she does have a pink pair of mammoths that I forgot to photo - sorry.
Two pairs of hand-me-downs to the Middie from another dear friend (one with a blow out issue we will fix soon). Her Mammoths and her Mary Janes. The Oldest also had purple Mary Janes but out grew. They are being stored for the Middie's foot later.
The Oldest's first pair - purple to wear with her then cheer squad stuff, My brown Mary Janes. I have a Burgundy pair as well that are currently MIA. :( I think the apartment ate them. Still no necklace yet....St. Anthony I am begging!!!!

Seeing how we just returned to our state yesterday afternoon I have lots of updates to make so be on the look out for posts!

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Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Wow! Now that's a lot of Crocs! Love it. I own a pair of those flip-flops, given to me at the BlissDom blogging conference earlier this year (everyone got a gift certificate for Crocs), but they make loud crinkling noises when I walk. I can't stand it. Is that normal? Do yours sound like you're walking on plastic grocery bags? I wonder if mine are defective or something. Ha.

Have a great weekend! :-)

Terry said...

Good grief, I am way over my head on this one. The wife loves them and I'm liable to stumble over them anywhere in the house. I'm only allowed to say nice things about them.

Bdubba said...

Julia - nope, no crinkling noises for me - just the usual squish sound if I have stepped in a puddle. Maybe wear them more to break them in???

Terry - That sounds like a good woman you have there! :) My husband wears his and we have even bought his Mom and sister some as gifts in the past. They say nothing but good things either.

JanMary said...

What a collection!

We only have fake crocs in our house, but I would love some of yours! There is not as much variety of them on sale here, but I am sure I could find them on the internet.

Even though mine are fake, I love to wear them especially here at our holiday cottage - great for walking on and off the beach, and even to paddle in :)

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

I love crocs too. I have several pairs of the original ones. I've seen the Malindis and some of the other "dressier" crocs online, but I haven't seen them in stores around here yet. I must check the local mall soon!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I'm not a big Crocs girl, but even I have to say that those Brown Mary Janes are CUTE!!!!