Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ditties by the Middie

When she got home from church Father's Day Sunday. She was asked what she did while there. Her response "Colored, ate some bread, drank some blood." They obviously had communion. She took an abnormally large piece from the loaf but enjoyed every minute of it.

There are a TON of little frogs here now. When I say little, think the size of a cricket little. The Middie decides to catch one (runs and squeals from the normal size frogs though). She was holding it between two fingers to show me and says "I know he is still alive because I ca see bubbles coming out his mouth." Poor little tiny froggy.

You gotta love that crazy little girl although I am still not happy with her last 'brilliant idea' of rinsing the toothpaste off her finger in the toilet bowl b/c her sister was in the way of the sink. grrr....

Crazy kid.

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