Friday, June 5, 2009

No more students until August


That is a MAJOR understatement. Sadly I am actually excited to start anew again in August. My syllabus (I 'think' I only have one prep next year- Chemistry)has been sent off to the copy center. I have also copied other pesky beginning-of-the-year-papers like the Lab safety contract, general lab procedures, etc. I feel pretty accomplished already and I haven't even turned in my grades yet.

With some student volunteers I took some pictures today of what they "think" the teacher sees and then what we know they are doing even though we may not directly see it (cell phone issues). We had some fun with it. One of the student asked "Are you going to show these as what not to do with your cell phone next year, Teacher?" My response was, "Who me?" They know me too well at this point. :)

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