Thursday, October 23, 2008

Now I know....

the panic it is to be in the middle of a true bomb threat. It was one of my students! Really freaked out.

Two Students Arrested After Bomb Scare On Mid-Term Exam Day

There was a real bomb inside High School on Thursday, mid-term exam day, and two students were arrested. Instead of taking tests, all the students had to be evacuated. The bomb was a homemade device found inside the school. It was made out of a CO2 cartridge and some explosive powder.Three-thousand students were evacuated and police put the campus on lockdown as a precaution. Anxious students phoned or texted parents. Some had to wait outside the campus for 90 minutes until it was deemed safe.One worried mom decided to keep her daughter out of school for the rest of the week."The threat may be gone, but if they found one bomb in the school, there might be others. The kids don't know that," parent said.Police took two students into custody after a student spotted one with the device at 8:30am and told a teacher. Police located the student and found the device on him.Investigators said the two students arrested are 15-year-old and 16-year-old. They were charged with incendiary device possession, destructive device on school property or at school event and disturbing the peace/disturbing school function.Police call the device a "stinger," or small pipe bomb. In this case, it was a CO2 canister available at any hardware store, but this one had powder inside and a fuse."It did appear to have the capabilities of exploding. County EOD removed the device," explained Police Department.Students that Eyewitness News talked to said there's often joking chatter on campus about bombs from certain pranksters, but nothing serious until Thursday."I know all the kids and they would have done something stupid," student said."Are these guys troublemakers?" reporter asked her."Pretty much," she said.Thursday was the final day of 9th-week exams, but the students' motivation for bringing what looked like a working bomb onto campus is unknown for now. was an interesting day to say the least. Happy to be alive.

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Conchita said...

This is not a good news :-( but thanks to this I've find out where do you live.
It's near Disneyland, ain't it?