Saturday, October 25, 2008

Eventful week...

As if my week was not 'exciting' enough (switching gyms, Mom visiting, BWv4 changing rooms at day care, the bomb thing, etc.), I had to put in my first call to poison control last night b/c our fast-as-lightning little one decided to help herself to some liquid dish soap. I always thought I was calm cool and collected when it comes to emergency type situations but I was freakin' out, man. Not to mention one would think that the first and LARGEST thing that would appear when googling 'poison control' would be the 1-800 number for them. Not so. Had to dig through their web page. I think everyone should have a poison center magnet for their fridge. I thought I had one. Nope. (Adding to my mental "To Get" list: Poison Center magnet.) Turns out as long as there is no bleach in a cleaner you just let their little bodies deal with the substance (read: puke). I think she is all right now but the visual of her gasping past the greenish liquid in her mouth is not one I will soon forget. Although, now she has earned a new nick name: Bubbles. She is really putting me through the Mom paces. You'd think she was my first. Sadly, she is my last. I think she may be trying to help me experience all the "fun" things like this that my first two did not do. Thanks, Bubbles.

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