Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lazy Sundays....

I have always enjoyed Sundays. Relaxing one more day before the work week. Spending it with family and loved ones. Resting. Eating home made food. When I was younger this all came after church but I have nor found a home church since moving from home. I need one. I think that might be the part of resting on Sundays I am missing. I know I want my girls to be brought up in a church family like I was but how does one get started? Still a nice Sunday afternoon nap is always appreciated! :)

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Conchita said...

Let me give you some tips:
1- Find out what kind of churchs you've near your house.
2- Find out how they live Christianity, what do they believe exactly in and what do they not.
3- Talk with your husband about it so you both can decide which one of them matches best with your believes.
If you ask me which one I believe you should choose I'd tell you that a Catholic one, but you know me :-)