Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just my usualy randomness.....

Been on spring break this past week - LOVED IT! I wished they would continue to send me the paycheck and let me stay at home with my lovelies. This week, well the last couple days of it anyway, I had a preview of the summer to come. I am really going to have to be motivated to get out of the house with all the girls. The middie and the lil' little were the only ones home with me yesterday (the oldie went to see Hannah Montana with a friend) and I totally vegged out! lol The little one has learned to open doors so I need to get those annoying doorknob covers for all our doors. While I am baby proofing I might as well get the fridge lock too as she now gets in there when she pleases too. Such a smarty pants, independent thing!

Middie got her tonsils and adenoids out and seems to be healing just fine - if only I can keep her resting. She is loving all the "free" Popsicles though. :)

The g-ma and niecey were down for most of the time and I really enjoyed having them around. I wished they were here all the time. Niecey just needs to up and move down here so she does not get sucked into the black hole that is our little hometown. The G-mas has an open invited anytime but she is not going anywhere no matter what. The G-ma really pitied us in the food department other wise our "Easter dinner" probably would only be Ramen Noodles. The house up north just needs to sell. We are drowning.....I wished we had been living extravagantly so that I could easily cut things out to save our budget but we have really been simple folks. Other than deciding to starve, we cannot cut anything out. It really depresses me as I don't even rally know the magnitude of the numbers since DH deals with all that (much stronger mentally than I am). St. Joesph is now buried in our yard there so according to my Mom that will help?! I wonder if he can help me find my lost necklace too???? :( I don't even want to talk about that.

I have now read the first in the Twilight series and am halfway through the second one. I have the other two awaiting me in pdf form as well as the 5th one not yet released (Twilight from Edward's perspective). I am actually liking to read them but hate having to cut off the outside world to really enjoy the reading as well as starting/stopping when I am needed by the girls - that is almost WORSE that commercials! lol

In more hopeful NB entry is complete and waiting to be packed. Waiting to be sent. I will retest the 13th of May. Hopefully God is keeping his blessings in that respect flowing to me as he gave me the knowledge to pass that Chem test.

I guess one last thought and worth while one to end on is He is risen - regardless of my money issues and all other things I am saved.

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