Sunday, March 29, 2009

Today was a good day...

Other than annoying Toyota service people, today was a good day. I ran. I played the Wii (both active like stuff and Mario Party). I shopped a minuscule amount but still the retail therapy felt good. I played tennis (well, did the best I could to play....). Hung out with the family and fell dead asleep by 10 pm. I was hoping for some total adult time but I was zonked. Maybe today??? Goals for today are to do some NBC stuff and scan some school stuff. 5 days until Spring Break. 4 days until Felesha and Mamaw get here. Still can't wait to get middle b's tonsils out. She doesn't sleep well at all. No matter she acts the way she does. :(

Random note: The next computer I get needs to have a lighted keyboard so I don't type like the hunchback of Notre Dame.

PS: Pic is in reference to an Ice Cube song titled "Today was Good Day" for those who are not down. lol Didn't want want any one to thing I had totally lost it. :P

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