Saturday, April 25, 2009

My master plan, bwahahaha......

The wheels have been turning and so these thought begun.

Things I want to remember to execute in the near future (hopefully).....

1) I want to purchase 3 large fluffy towels in 3 different shades of pink. Then have each of the girls' names embroidered on them (one name per shade - I will assign these). That way they have one towel to use, a clean spare one and an extra for "emergencies". I will do the same with big fluffy white ones for me (i like to bleach mine) and Big Daddy is settling for a beige color (he'd prefer black or dark blue but that will not go with the mental motiffe I have for our master bathroom in our new house once we sell our old one and purchase a new one here).

2) I am going to buy a cute binder and baseball card insert holders to clip/organize coupons more effectively. My pile system does not work but I know the binder does from seveeral other Mommies like those here.

3)I am going to make a chore list for the girls for the summer and if their chores are not done, not matter how badly I want to go to the beach or pool or park or library or other super fun outing, we will not go.

4) I have discovered today the best way to avoid confrontation when nagging orders to my children is to tell them ONE thing to do at a time and then CHECK to make sure it was completely properly. I have deduced that they have the short term memory span of a goldfish. Since my mind is always multitasking I tend to give multiple directives and this has not worked in the past. Today (so far....knocking on wood) one thing at a time is working. Ahhhhhhhhh....

5)Since I already have the school supplies list for my soon-to-be Kindie girl, I am will buy a few school supplies each WM/Target visit, that way I can shop sales and not spend a fortune in the middle of August. Maybe my soon-to-be second grader will get her list and I can do this shopping once.

6) Before school starts in August I will have a budget/idea for each of the girls' fall birthdays. We have one is September and 2 in October. Again easily a small fortune could be spent on these.

That is all for now...I am having writer's block....I will continue later when the hamsters start moving again.

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