Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And still more randomness...

Again FB is winning my 'puter time over but that doesn't mean that I haven't thought about blogging b/c I have but when I actually get in front of the keyboard to do it....all witty thoughts, thoughtful insights and snarky remarks are gone.....So here are some recent random thoughts/happening here in the house of the dubbas.

Middle B gets her tonsils out over my spring break which has prompted the Mamaw to come down to play nursemaid along with my spring breaker niece. The help will most certainly be appreciated and the wild one will assure that I get my beach time in too. Speaking of sicky, I visited Urgent Care last night and now am taking a Zpack and some wonderful cough medicine that actually worked. My hacking was so bad I actually took Buckleys (EWWWW!). Tomorrow I give the nine weeks exams which means tomorrow and the following day I will be grading the nine weeks exams. Sometimes I wished I could care less and give multiple guess tests instead of higher level thinking type assessments like compare, design or support type questions. Less grading for me but I feel the students would not get the chance to really show what they have learned. I bet they'd be fine with it but me, not so much. I did pass that pesky state test and I thank God for that as he was my guiding force in picking answers b/c some of them I had NO CLUE. Now just to finish NBC stuff.

The toddler b is very demanding. In fact I did over half of my Wii work out this evening while holding her as there was no way around her. Yeah, I started working out too. Sunday and Tuesday I did week 1 of the Couch to 5K run/walk intervals. The second time it was easier and made me want to do it more but I had to pick up a sick kiddie (middle b) from day care so that foiled the running plans and engaged plan b of Wii Fit and Wii Trainer. I am not fond of the trainer. To me it is just like any workout like video but she has supposedly tailored a workout for me. Whatever.

I am being bombarded by all 3 b's and must go referee now.

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