Saturday, January 3, 2009

I work...I get the job done....

(Big Daddy Kane reference in the title for those who are not down, yo.)

This is how my "luck" usually goes:

Dh took the girls out of the house so I can concentrate.

External hard drive (where my school stuff is...) will not load onto my desk top 'puter.

Change to laptop. The NEW one I got for my birthday this fall.

Laptop let's me open the word docs but not save anything. grrr

So I decide to watch the classes I videoed for NBC entry.

Cannot get the camera hooked up to any of the 3 TVs we own so that I can see and hear the tape. grrrrrrrrr

I give up and start doing interactive questions on my 'puter as a way to study for another stinkin' test I have to take for this new state. Reciprocal certification you say??? HA!

So today I am back at trying to get some exams made up. Wish me better luck this time!


$5 Dinner Mom said...

I will ask the consultant about Juice Plus and carbs. Will let you know her response!

:) Erin

$5 Dinner Mom said...

"In the process of making the JP+, the sugar and sodium are removed so it is excellent for diabetics. In two capsules, there is less than a gm of sugar and about a gm of carbohydrate. Because you are taking 2 of each per day that number would be doubled. The nutrition still has all of its living enzymes so it is like eating 17 raw fruits and veggies without the sugar."

Here is the response from my friend who "knows the ins and outs"! Hope this will work for you!