Thursday, January 1, 2009

The ghost of Christmasses past....

(This is the image that appeared when I googled 'theme' images....????)

Each year my Mom's sisters plan a gathering in the central part of my former state where they and their families gather for a Christmas celebration. Food, family and fun. Over 10 years ago, after the death of an elder family member, it was decided we needed more motivation to these gatherings than to just 'be together'. We needed more of a mission or challenge to entrust we are all engaged in the event. So the theme idea was born. My cousin (Hi Cuz - if you found this!) compiled the list of themes since this began. Here they are:
09 - Mistletoe (this is what I heard through the grapevine anyway...)
08 - A Christmas Carol (didn't get to attend b/c of scheduling issues coming from 1000+ miles away)
07 - Happy Birthday Jesus (complete with cupcakes for the birthday party)
06 - Blue Christmas (the women met up prior to this and decorated cookies which I think was my favorite part. We each brought a soup of salad to share. This where my uncle learned of my Chilli makin' skills that should be known world wide but I like to keep it my little secret. I watched my grandma make hers for years and picked up this skill.)
05 - the 12 Days of Christmas (actually a tough them but I 'had' the perfect present for the exchange but could not attend the party...still have my pear tree complete with partridge...well, bird like figurine...)
04 - Angels (I made angel oranments made of pasta and feathers. They were cute. I was proud.)
03 - Stars of Christmas (I like this theme - again so many things you can fit into this theme)
02 - Twas the Night Before Christmas
01 - Gingerbread man (we tried making/decorating them -MESSY)
00 - Silver Bells (My cat enjoyed all the jingle bells that inhabited our house for years to come after this theme)
99 - The Candy Cane (legend of the Candy Cane was big this year - fairly easy theme to follow)
98 - White Christmas (I think the main sisters sang the song Sisters from the movie of the theme name)
97 - Santa Claus is Comin' to Town
96 - O Christmas Tree (Uncle got decorated as the tree - pretty funny)

So using these themes you are supposed to bring a gift for the pirate gift exchange (draw numbers, choose or steal gift from someone else) which fits into the theme in some way. You can go for the literal meaning or a figurative one or even use colors associated with the theme. A few years back the Cuz in reference above, DH and I figured out a way to team up to barter for the gift from the exchange that we each want if the numbers we draw will allow. I hope this same Cuz can hook us up virtually for this party in the future. The drive is hellation and we are not intending on making it every year. :( I would however contribute to the game through Skype. Post my gifts up and have some one be my hands. I think that would be fun! We'll see......

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Conchita said...

Send a big hug to your aunts.
I remember with joy that trip to Columbus on 92, the one you didn't come :-P, and the "present" I found on my bedside table ;-) Nowadays I remember it like a funny thing though on those days I really hated it. lol