Thursday, January 22, 2009

Givin' some Props...

Well, I have been abandoned so DH can be sworn in as a US citizen (actually he will have dual status). So I am "single mom" until Sunday morning. I don't like being a "single mom". When DH and I were taking the various "how-to-be-a-parent" classes when I was preggo with DD#1, there was a lady there who when introducing herself made it quite clear she was a single mom BY CHOICE. (Those were her words. "Hi, my name is ?????. I'm a single Mom by choice.) Needless to say, DH and I kind of shied away from her (her hormones must have been on over drive...she was a little pushy...) but we always wonder how much of a choice it really was. Was it an 'oops' from a one night lover? Was she wanting to be a mom so badly that she was inseminated (traditionally or artificially)? Made with a BF who is now out of the picture?

I would NOT choose to be a parent alone but I admire those who are clearly stronger than me and do have to do it all by themselves.

The day care just called and said the baby has a fever....wonder if this means I have to call into my work tomorrow b/c of a 24 hour wait policy....see what I mean...I can't do this alone!


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Conchita said...

I do admire you, the mothers that work outside home and handle with the kids when they are sick, specially those mothers who have jobs were it's very difficult for them to skip going to work as they can be fired or may be not promoted or renew their contracts.