Monday, December 29, 2008

So much to do in so little time....

I always have high aspirations for breaks from school yet it seems that I never can get everything done. In addition to all the school stuff I need to do (remember I missed the day prior to break and have NO clue what was done or not done in my classes....grrr) there are many "Mommy" duties that ought to be done (sorting through the girl's clothes, rearranging the cupboards now that we have lived here a few months, organizing anything to help with the daily grind, etc.).

Right now I am fixated on what I want to cook and do with the fam this fine New Year's Eve. We will probably play the Wii until our eyes pop out (we now have over 20 different games!!!!). So the entertainment category is done now what to eat.... these are my thoughts so far....

Deep dish pizza made by each person

little dipper crockpot with Rotel sausage dip (we do turkey or chicken sausage here)

Chips for the dippin'

Veggies for dippin' & munchin'

Buckeyes (the candy...) My Mom attempted these and they were really gross but the few she received as presents were yummy! :P Now I must make some!!!

What else??

See my dilemma??? I keep thinking of that when there is stuff to unpack, stuff to clean, stuff to organize, lessons to plan, tests/exams to construct.....oh, and the little toddler tornado who keeps following behind me undoing what I am trying to do. *sigh*

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