Monday, December 8, 2008


I saw what I feel is a preview of a time to come for me. I had a parent teacher conference after school today with a parent who was at her wits end. Her DD either had A's or F's. Literally was choosing whether or not to do the work. Mom has had her to 2 different alternative type schools. On meds that she would not take. In therapy sessions where she would not talk. As a parent what do you do then? Seriously? Mom has taken the computer away and during the conference her cell phone, she had a hired driver (she says) for the student so she can come early to school and stay after for tutoring. She says her daughter has self esteem issues and she even sent her to fitness camp last summer. Student apparently is good in art. I felt bad for the daughter but how can I a lowly teacher help? Then I flashed forward to middle DD sitting in the hot seat and me as the mother. I still don't know the right course of action. I want to know how to help but how do you help some one who won't even 'try' to understand or merely bother to copy something off the front board? Guess this is one of the many reasons I still are stoopid.

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Conchita said...

That's sad.
It looks like that girl has problems at home. Parents divorced? Too busy parents? Both things? I don't know how old is she but... may be any sex or drug or both problems? Too complicated 'cause if she doesn't say anything in therapy... may be she need another psychologist as she doesn't feel comfortable with the one she has now.
If there's any kind of change with that girl, please let me now. Thanks.