Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday madness for all and for all a long night....

Reflections of my winter break so far to catch up:
Friday 12/19: Woke up at 2:30am to vomit and dispel other bodily waste products through other body orifices. Went back to bed.
Up at 3am for more of the same. From then until 5am kept thinking that this would pass and I could be at school for the last day prior to winter break. Then 5 year old gets up and joins me in regurgitation. She only got the upper end of the bargain deal though. I call the blackberry number of an administrator I know is at school early since the substitute hotline thing has no answer. He calls me back in about an hour and assures me he will take care of things. I stay home from school and have no idea what my kids did or did not do as I have had no other contact with any one from there since I do no have home phone numbers of any one. Thought I did but no.
Saturday 12/20: Still can only be vertical about 15 minutes at a time before I either feel too dizzy/weak to stand or too nauseous. I begin folding the laundry and packing for our long journey. Oldest B and DH go to Bday party for classmate. Middle B lounges/sleeps as she is still fighting the pukeys too. Baby b unfolds and unpacks any time I turn my back to either task. I then nicknamed her the toddler tornado.
Sunday 12/21: Still having trouble staying upright. Dh packs the car. Finally on the road @ 10:15am. I was armed with a barf bag as I wasn’t sure about the rumbly in my tumbly although I think I disposed of food I consumed when I was 15 years old. Drive for 4 hours then drive through McDonalds. The cheeseburger and fries I ate made my belly ache go away – Yea! Hour later stop to pee and fuel up the car. One more stop in WVa for fuel about 10:30pm. There it was 11 degrees! I had on flip flops. Cold. VERY cold! Finally in at my Mom’s about midnight. Munched some food and went to bed.
Monday 12/22: Drove to the homestead another 2 ½ hours away. Visited with neighbors. Visited with friends and girls got their hair done. Tried to unload storage unit but got dark and got too cold to do that.
Tuesday 12/23: Met friend from college for breakfast as he was driving through town to get to Chicago. Visited Dh’s former place of work. Went to my girl at the salon and got my bad hair cut remedied. YEA! Feeling more like a human now. Dh and I then unload storage unit into our garage. After all the little stuff got out he and another manly man with a truck did the bug stuff as I waded through the boxes deciding what teacher stuff was important enough to make the cut for the little “extra space” we had in the minivan for the trek back to warmer climates. Ice storm comes into town while the boys are toting stuff back and forth. Go back to visit friends some more (yes, they are that important to risk life and limb of my family to see one more time while back home). See another set of friends while there. Drive back into town. Visit other set of neighbors. Go back to original neighbors who we are staying with and got to bed. BTW girls were with those neighbours while we were playing storage shuffle and oldest B vomits in the middle of their living room. For the next few days she randomly throws up here and there. Not out of commission like me and the middle B were. Curious if that is the same virus….
Wednesday 12/24: Get up and get loaded to go back to my Mom’s. Leave niece and nephew’s presents in the garage. D@mn. Hit traffic jam on they way there. Not sure if going to make Christmas Eve church service. Basically we pick my Mom up on our way to church so as not to be late to the service. So much for the dresses I bought the girls. Good church service. Go back to Mom’s the Christmas Eve madness ensues. After festivities over, go to bed.
Thursday 12/25: Lounge around all day until niece has us go to the movies with her to see Marley & Me. I like to escape reality when I watch movies. This was the polar opposite AND the dog dies in the end! Decent movie just so NOT want I wanted. It showcase the trials and tribulations of marriage and parenting during the lifetime of this dog. Then niece and I have dueling rumbly bellies. Finally the flood gates opened for me and after several potty visits my rumbly was gone. She is still only boasting 6 rabbit turds and a aching belly still to this day.
Friday 12/26: Lounged around house. Mamaw took bigger Bs to see Bolt as they were mad they did not go with DH and I the night before. Dh, baby b and me compacted Christmas gifts, did laundry and strategically repacked the van. Later in the evening went to visit an old friend of mine.
Saturday 12/27: At this point Mamaw has the rumblies so she is out of commission on the running interference for the kiddies so DH and I take turns baby wrangling while squishing the remainder fo the stuff into the car. Set out for our 1000+ mile journey at about 11am today and here I ride 12 hours later waiting patiently on my apartment to appear. I did my ESOL homework and am doing this in a word document to update in the next 12 hours or so.
Trip was decent. Not a drive I want to make on a regular basis but one I might do it again this summer if not before….if our house sells!!

Now I am waiting on friends to come by so we can head to the beach (just now adding this to the blog instead of doing my ESOL hw. lol)More later....

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