Saturday, September 12, 2009

SO buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I have been so busy since school starting I have really neglected my blog. Sorry, baby. :(

I am having a Bean free weekend. She is up north with her Daddy. I have about a half an hour to get things together and take my little gymnast to a BIG meet. We were already out late last night as we had a date with Disney on Ice. It was a great show.

My school world has gotten better since the first week (the post just before this one). It has achieved normalcy. I have a backpack full of grading, a test to revise and make a review sheet for and more planning to do. yep ,that's normal.

I am anticipating the arrival of November. NBPTS results and my Momma will be here around turkey day.

Yeah, I know kind of a small random post but I need to go get stuff together so I am ready to hit the road.

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