Friday, August 28, 2009

Mi Vida Loca

I said in my last post (about a week ago) that I joined WW, started Jazzercise again and have found a church that I want to call home here. Well, that just started the mass craziness the past week has been. Let me tell you about it.

Monday: First day of school with the students. The oldest starting 3rd and the Middie started Kindergarten (Gosh, where did the time go?) Only you teachers out there can empathize with the kind of insanity that goes along with the first day. As I return to my room from lunch I check my cell phone (thinking the Mister might have sent me a picture of the girls since he was left to be the camera man for the event) to find that I had a message from the school nurse saying I had a student in the clinic (actually two messages - the first neglected to say which one and why - the second one said it was the oldest but still no why). With my last few minutes of my lunch time I call the Mister. He emails me during class saying she puked and he was going to get her. I make it home about and hour and a half later. She is acting fine but still nauseated (ended up throwing again 2 more times that evening). She had a low grade fever near bed time which I medicated but I am getting ahead of myself in that evening's events. I called once I knew she was home to let 'nastics know that she was ill and would not be there. That didn't necessarily mean I would get out of the drive to the gym that evening since the Middie now has her recreational gymnastics class on Mondays. I had to leave the Oldest home while I go to the daycare to pick up the Middie to transport her directly to her class. I stand and wait in the reception area of the daycare for 45 minutes (about 20 minutes into her class time) while they are trying to sort out the first day of school busing issues (down here the daycares will pick up and drop off at school which is nice but very technical in routing since there are SO many schools around here - several of each public, private, and charter). Once she finally arrives I take her and the toddler home. My throat is scratchy from talking all day (again, I am sure you teachers can relate). Crisis over but geez what a day!

Tuesday: Everyone goes to school but I find out I made a mistake when buying groceries that past weekend and over drafted my account. Get REALLY tired by the end of the day and throat is getting ickier every time I talked. Went to see the doctor for maintence and as a follow up to my ER visit the week prior. Did get to enjoy Jazzercise after that though.Tanned - left my eye wear there. Made dinner AND set up the crock pot for the next evening's dinner (yea me!). Straightened the house back up before bed.

Wednesday: Itchy throat now has a hacking cough to go with it (too bad it wasn't anything this bad while I was seeing a doctor and could get some good meds to help). Planned to stick around after the early release time in order to catch up or get ahead on school stuff then go to Jazzercise. Realized as I was walking out that I can't go straight to Jazzercise as planned since I did pick up the bag of clothes I had packed for the occasion. Made a mad dash home, changed clothes, finally made it to Jazzercise so I decided to stay for two classes (ouch). After making sure all were fed I sat on the couch not planning on moving again until I transferred my body to my bed. I knew once I sat down there was no getting up. I did shift a load of laundry through the washer and dryer this evening so that is something.

Thursday: Hacked my way through the teaching day. I took the nastiest of all known medicines that morning my throat was so closed off. It is like straight eucalyptus and really burns a path for the air so you don't cough for awhile. Jazzercised - just on this time. Tanned - the lady had held back my goggles for me. Girls made it through their days but all three were VERY whiny. The Middie and I shared in our coughing and congestion. She was grumpy to go with it though. I shifted a load of laundry that evening too.

Friday: While at school my voice was crackling in and out. I took pills along with the syrup this morning. Helped some but still coughed a lot. Dabbled in "office politics" with a friend while at school. I notice during my plan the last bell of the day that a strange number had called. It was the Middie's teacher saying my poor Kinder girl had a headache and she was letting her lay her head down. I explained that at this point in the day I could not leave my school b/c I was trapped by the school buses and the earliest I could get there is after their time when they will allow student's to change their after school transportation so I told her to send her to the day care. I figured she'd sit and watch a movie there (forgetting her head was hurting b/c she is a tv junkie) so I could go and visit with colleagues at the local watering hole (our Friday afternoon ritual) while being faithful to WW (getting a salad instead of my much beloved Philly cheese steak and beer battered onion rings) then Jazzercise then pick her up to go to her make-up gymnastics class. That did NOT happen. I got a call about the time I finished up my salad from the day care that she had a fever of 103.7 (her head wasn't hurting any more...). So, I called the gym and let them know she would not be coming in tonight, got all 3 girls and came home. The Oldest got an invite to a friend's house for the night and I let her go so that maybe she doesn't get this ick. The toddler will not leave the Middie alone to rest.

So, this is where I am at right now. Even though I don't have real obligations this weekend (I do have to make it to a WW meeting and I WANT to go to Jazzercise and to church) I hope the Middie and myself can kick whatever this sickness it before Monday. If she has a fever after my morning Jazz and WW meeting I guess I will be visiting Urgent Care with her.

If you week can top mine, let me know. I REALLY hope none of you have had the kind of week I had.

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