Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mmmm, like butter

Haggardly busy weekend for me. Directly after school got my hairs did then put a massive dent in the house cleaning (looked good doing so since my hairs were freshly did too). Saturday morning got up when I usually do on weekdays to get the oldest together for a gymnastics meet. I graded chem tests during the event warm ups. At noon the Mister picked her up then I was on the clock - volunteering for money for her account. I did wrapped flowers, took admissions and worked the high rollers table until the last gymnast left that night (about 10pm). Today I took the girls to church (yes, still loving the church I was introduced to) then went back to the meet to work another 4 hours. The Mister did set up and tear down Friday evening and this evening respectively. We should have some solid money in her account for next year. This year we had none and so all her meet fundage has been out of pocket b/c we were not with the gym the year prior.

So, what does this description have to do with butter? I suppose I could talk about the big buttery Jesus I used to live near but I am not I am talking about these pants. I had a pair of these as short PJ shorts and loved them but my cyber friend Mamalicious had talked so much about them and their buttery goodness that I rediscovered them. Well, Saturday I wore the 'capri' variety and today I wore the long pants (as pictured). Yes, I know they are really lounging pants (aka not supposed to leave the house in) but with the right top and presentation no one will ever know they are for nights. The feel SOOOO good too. Something that feels this good can't be wrong. :) I contribute my being able to survive this weekend to this line of bottoms. I have now vowed I will own all the pants in all colors. Trust me. I am not the only Mommy doing this. I can only hope that one day you will have your own buttery goodness to get you through a busy day.

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