Thursday, August 13, 2009


*After fasting for 12 hours I went and had blood drawn for my 'official' physical next week. While sitting there freezing my arse off (seriously I was mentally going through my car looking for something else to put on my exposed skin - I rationalized that they HAVE to keep the facility that cold for the purposes of the fluids), I made the observation that 2 out of 3 people entering had on flip flops in some form. :)

*I am going to miss my morning coffee with Regis and Kelly when school starts. I think it is funny that my girls probably feel the same thing (except the coffee of course).

*I hate driving new places.

*I really, REALLY hate doggie diarrhea. YUCK! Next time she is boarded we WILL be taking her own food.

*Trying to get motivated to do something. I have a LONG list of things that need to be done and they are in several categories: family, school, friends, house, etc. I am being really lazy and NOT doing any of them.


Alice's Aunt said...

You had to go to "The Vampires" this morning, Woman! That's enough to cause you to take the whole rest of the day off!


I say so, anyway. >,-)

Alice's Aunt said...

I just replied to your e-mail...... but now I know I was way off base. On the answer to your question. Silly me, that'll teach me to wait first and look. -grin- You know all about Twilight!!!!!!!!! Duhhhme!

What I was being 'wise-arse' about here, in my comment was....... you had to have blood drawn. And that's what some of us call... 'Going to the Vampires.' LOL!

I'm laughing at myself, because if I'd looked at my comment here, I'd have known, and not have rambled on about Twilight and all, in my email. Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrry.

It's way tooo *easy* for us to 'go to the Vampires' I fear. -grin- At least, someone as old as I am. Who has had a lot of blood drawn, over the years. And continues to do so.

Sorry for the misunderstanding...