Friday, April 2, 2010

Why do I blog?

Thinking back to when I started my blog, it all began because I was lonely. We had moved to a new state (1000+miles away from where I was before) and I needed an outlet for my loneliness. I am less lonely now but continue to blog. Unlike many of the blogs I follow, I don't really have a set theme other than 'me'. Bloggy friends I have vary from Moms blogging about couponing to nerdy science sites (I say nerd with the up most respect b/c I am one). I post what I am thinking or feeling or things that I see/hear that I like. I am glad to have the teeny tiny following I do. I appreciate knowing you read about my ramblings and thoughts. That is little peek into my world. Thanks for letting me share.


Conchita said...

Why do you say you're a Nerd? Just B/C you like Science and had good grades? As far as I know Nerd and what you used to do at HS is incompatible. :P

Bdubba said...

Nope, I am a nerd but that is ok. I totally embrace my nerdiness. :)

Margie M. said...

Truth be told...nerds rule the world and are the best. Those "cool" people are not really so awesome after all!

I like your blog!

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