Monday, April 5, 2010

Mad cooking Skillz...I gots 'em!

I continue to impress myself with each and every recipe. I was never really taught how to cook. I was the baby of the family. My youngest brother is 13 years my elder so I was the baby BABY. I was always seen as more of a nuisance. I was shooed out of the kitchen. As a teen that continued so I never really learned how to cook anything from scratch. I survived college on canned items, frozen pizza rolls, shells and cheese (the kind with the Velveeta in the pouch - yum) and of course Ramen noodles. (Obviously I packed on the freshmen 15...all those carbs, little to no exercise and massive amounts of alcohol consumption - NO WONDER!)

But now...I think I am a miracle worker in the kitchen. I have gotten really good at putting together a meal from nothing. I never thought I would be able to construct all the stuff I make. And I am still learning! I especially LOVE using the crock pot. That thing it great. I try to teach my girls a little culinary skills at a time. I can see why I was shooed away. It sure is a lot easier when there are not little people all around who could potentially get hurt but they will never learn anything not being in there with me. I want them to learn how to eat and cook healthy so that when they are young adults a meal comprised totally of carbs is not an option. I make myself proud in this respect and hope that my domestic goddess grandmother who was the epitome of a homemaker is smiling down on my and my mad skills. :)


Conchita said...

I'm glad about you but I gotta say something: As a teen you didn't have any interest in the kitchen and you used to complain a lot about the food your mom or her aunt used to fix. :P

(I still remember that extraordinary vegetable soup) :D

Bdubba said...

Conchita, but what they fixed was the same old stuff. Not to mention everything was laden with fat in one form or another. Most things had a 'bacon grease' base. I've got to admit that does have a place with certain things but even then I could only take so much. Not to mention if I hadn't been ran out of the kitchen so much as a little girl maybe I would have had more interest but when you're always "in the way" you don't try ti be there if you can avoid it.

Margie M. said...

I hear ya on that "bacon grease" stuff. Back in the 1950's when I was a little kid my mom used bacon grease to flavor all sorts of weird thing. Macaroni and cheese? Let's start with bacon grease. Oh, yummy.

Also, we may all share memories with our own extended family members...but, the way we felt about a certain situation within the family dynamic is only OUR OWN FEELING AND MEMORY and nobody else can know how that felt.