Friday, March 5, 2010

An Update....Where to start???

This could be a LONG post so grab something to drink, get comfy and settle in. I am alone in my apartment for the moment. DH is dropping the oldest off at a friend's (in celebration of becoming ungrounded for hiding a bad progress update from us for about 6 weeks) and has the other two with him. I think I will break this up into topics so skip the parts you don't want to know about. (Updating to add that this took 3 different sittings as the family came home soon after the post started.) 

School - Same ol' snit, different day. I have been dealing with a large amount of cheating which I detest as I feel like it is lying and I cannot stand to be lied to.  So that has been very emotionally draining. Especially when a student whom I felt I had a really strong connection to cheated on a quiz and I caught him but apparently something was going on at home - Mom has something to do with the military - and that served as a wake up call to her that she needed to be home more.  That ended well. 

Church - Loving the new church! The upcoming sermon series is titled "One Month to Live". I think this will provoke me to blog to get some of my thoughts out. When I start to ponder that I idea I think about spending as much time with family and friends as possible but am very confused as to how to live my life that way when there are bills to be paid. Then I think about my Mom and what will happen when she passes. Then I get really sad and have to stop thinking about it b/c I cannot even fathom it happening.

Jazzercise - I have taken the plunge and am working to become certified to teach it. So much hard work but it is fun and really helping me lose more weight. I go to Workshop April 8 so keep sending me positive vibes. What a way to end my Spring Break, huh? I got duped into take a 'Power Hour' class that was similar to personal training and even though I thought my arms were going to give out from my upper body weight and I would fall flat on my face, I made it through. The next week I was sore in random places but it hurt so good! 

Weight Watchers - I am less than 10 pounds away from my 'goal weight'. That is down about 27 pounds since joining in August. It is the upper end of the official BMI for my height. It is what my driver's license said in High School but I think I even weighed more then. My clothes are all hanging on me and I feel like I am a child playing dress up when I go to put on something I haven't worn in awhile. One morning I went through 2 pairs of pants and three shirts before I found something that I could deal with wearing - I didn't look great but....I hope to get a new wardrobe but am waiting until I am finished losing weight b/c some of the stuff I bought 2 months ago is now too big. It is frustrating but a good frustrating... except for the fact I don't have money to replace my entire wardrobe every 2 months. Another thing it that I have to try everything on. I don't like a lot of the current "styles". I have become a very 'vanilla' dresser. Give me a khaki pair of dockers and a black t-shirt and I am a happy camper. I honestly thought I would never make it this far on my weight loss journey. If I would have thought I could do it before, I would have done it before.  I mean I tried all the over the counter drugs and many of the prescription numbers too (Phen- phen anyone??? I did.) and this program has been the easiest and most successful. I am smaller that I was when I took Meridia a few years back. I would have never believed me if you told me Weight Watchers would work for me. 

So that is what all that has been keeping me busy. One day I hope to be able to blog on the regular but I really feel like I am surviving from day to day putting out the fires that need put out the most and letting the others smolder until another time.  


Margie M. said...

On the blogging: just do what you can. Like your title (and I love it) *Do your best and leave the rest*.

On clothing: I hate trying on clothes, too. Maybe buy some cheap stuff until you get those last 10 lbs. off and then buy what you like and can afford. You'll look great no matter what since you've already lost over 25 lbs. (good job!)

On WW: I was not convinced I could do it back in 2004 and so I did not take a *before* photo of myself. Surprise!!! I stuck to the program and found it easy (sort of) with the point system they have now to lose over 50 lbs. Who knew???

On Cheating: it sucks no matter who does it or what their age!

Hope you have a great week!

Bdubba said...

Margie - I always look forward to having you comment (as you are basically the only one, lol). It helps set my perspective. Thank you!