Saturday, December 5, 2009

Throwing myself another pity party....

I will try to make this a short post (lol).

After having my Mom here all of Thanksgiving break (which was actually a good more later), school resumed this past week. The Mister left early Thursday morning to head up north to get our last Uhaul of belongings and place them in storage here. All that will be left to selling the house is actually signing on the dotted line by all parties (waiting on the loan/first time buyers stuff to go through - seems to be a clog in that paperwork, really? You're "giving" thousands of dollars away and everyone wants their cut, really Mr. President? duh.) I am playing the role of single parent which is stressful enough but of course in the true fashion of my life Thursday evening the oldest calls from gymnastics practice to tell me her throat is red and swollen and she cannot breathe through her nose. I go get her and decide to head to the dr. The twilight pediatrician with her office is cheaper than Urgent care so I decide to go that route but the office is in the next city about 30 minutes away. I got home and mapquest the directions. I realize I forgot to drop off the payment to the gym while picking up sicky girl. I then head to day care to get the two well girls since I knew there was no way I'd be back to get them before the daycare closed. Then back to the gym to drop off the check then finally on the road to the Dr. or so I thought. At that point the toddler says she needs to potty. I lost my mind for a brief moment. I pulled into McDonalds and the girls all went potty and I ordered dinner. (Sorry WW, the stress was too much. I was not sensible, nutritious or considerate in what I ordered and consumed. I biggie sized and devoured under shear survival mode. Not a proud moment on this healthy lifestyle change of mine happens. I weighed in this morning and was down 4.3 lbs but last week I was up 3 so....I guess I am still winning on the deal.) Back on the road with mouths chewing artery clogging goodness. Made it to the office. Waiting about 15 minutes to see the Dr. She said the asthma sounds good but the gymnast has the "new germ" that is going around, no flu or strep, but a a head/nasal congestion, and terribly sore throat. Some kids have a cough to boot but not mine. I was told to treat the symptoms and have her rest (no school Friday) and would have to wait and see about the state competition Sunday. Came home and after a few melt downs by various and sundry ladies of the house every one was finally in bed (maybe not their own but a bed) by 9:30ish. Friday I taught all day, had an annoying parent conference after school (will vent about this singularly later....) and came home to sicky. She had only eaten 1/3 of a bowl of ramen instead of the chicken noodle soup I laid out for her. She had consumed NO liquids even after being told to drink as much as she possibly could (she claimed she could not find her water bottle...well, we only have 6 that are NOT being used in the cabinet right now. grrr....she also said she could only watch tv as the rain was too distracting to read. grrr....translation: I was sucked in my the Disney goodness on tv all day so she did not even sleep to help matters.) Early this morning as the toddler drug me out of bed to turn on Dora, I met the sicky in the bathroom. She said she was sick to her stomach now b/c she tried to drink so water. I tried to explain that is was b/c she has nothing else in her stomach but what do I know. Since then she has slept all day (no tv on by the mean Mommy that I am) but is still not getting any better. I have no idea if we'll be at the state gymnastics meet tomorrow or not nor how I will survive that 4ish hour drive with sicky (or pseudo-sicky if she is feeling decent enough to try), little drama and the toddler. I am stuck in what-do-I-do-now mode and can't accomplish anything b/c I don't know what I should try to do or get done because I don't know if I am leaving on a long car trip or not. ARGH!

Right now it sucks to be the Mommy. It sucks to be the only parent around. It always sucks to not be able to make things better especially when is has to do with a sick kid. And I hate to think of how hard she has worked all season in gymnastics to have this happen with such a stigmatic meet and the last one of the season, like her super bowl.


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