Monday, October 19, 2009

Fell off the Wagon....sorry

Get It Down; 31 for 21

I was doing so well with blogging something everyday in honor of the 31 for 21 but then this past weekend happened. *Sigh* I have thoughts to blog but then the escape me as soon as I put my butt in the computer chair. One of these days I will carry around a little notepad to jot down the ideas so that my blog isn't so blah. Here is a rundown of my weekend....

Thursday evening the niecey and BF arrive. We do the kid taxi game.

Friday - School for me as usual. We were in the media center and had to write up a few referral for "violation of acceptable use of electronic resources" b/c some kids had a little too much fun with the discussion board on my page when signing up for a research topic. ( are posting with YOUR delete option). After school the niecey had picked up the two oldest and then me (since I left her my car to use) and we had an adventure looking for the free flu shots. We found them in the hood. Dropped the oldest off for some 'nastics make up since she missed 3 out of 4 days of practice this week since she was sick. The rest of us shopped a little, picked her back up, got some Chinese food for dinner and the niecey and BF were in bed before 9pm. WTH? What happened to 20 somethings these days? I remember being out until the clubs closed then sleeping until about noon but these two slept more that my now 70 year old Mother (birthday shout out to her as well - Holla!).

Saturday - My usual runnings: Jazzercise then WW. Then I had to run around to get ready for the 'nastics meet: gas, cash, drug store run (got shorter on the oldest's meds). 2:30 drive to meet. FREEZING in the venue. Yes, it is a warm state but no over compensation is required, really. People were going to the local gas station and getting hot chocolate and cappuccinos to drink for warm. Back home about midnight.

Sunday - Dropped them at the airport 6am. Church. Nap - YES, I got a nap!!! I tool it with the Beans. Sneaky Mom trick, right? :)Jazzercise. Grading. Got almost all of it finished before today's test.

Fairly uneventful, Huh? But now you know......


Margie M. said...

I enjoy your blog very much. I see you go to WW, too. I've been Lifetime for 5 years...hard work. I'm a grandma with 2 in gymnastics. They love it. You lead a busy life. (duh) I'll follow your blog now that I've found it (you are a follower of my RV blog). I also write one on weight control/healthy lifestyle.

Bdubba said...

Margie - I learned a few new things about you with your comment. Is it hard to do WW and RVing? When the Mister and I retire (many years down the road) we aspire to be RVers. I will be checking out your other blog and follow it as well. Thanks! :)