Friday, July 24, 2009

Current list of Wants....

Things I want a right now and reasons why....

*I want the Beans to all the way potty trained so I don't spend over half my remaining summer days in the potty with her.

*I want the Mister to pick me up a diamond anniversary band on his travels out of the country for out 10 year wedding anniversary. I think I deserve one!

*I want to sign up for Jazzercise. I did it years ago and really miss it but have not extra fundage for another monthly bill. :(

*I want my house up north to sell and to get a good deal on a house down here. Tired of apartment livin'. Not bad really but I am just too old for it.

*I want my lessons planned out and a lab fairy to visit for the set up and clean up of labs at the right time. I don't think I will mind teaching the same subject all day but I dread doing labs only b/c of the prep work that goes with them.

*I want a "good' camera so I can take artsy like pictures. I love extreme close up type pics but my camera always does them fuzzy.

*I want to find a home church here.

*I want a self cleaning kitchen.

*I want to be independently wealthy so I can stay home and be a Mom to my girls all year how I am in the summer. As they continue to grow I want to stay the most important person in their live.

*I want a girls weekend with some good friends. No kids, just fun.

I am sure I could think of more but these things would be an excellent start!

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Alice's Aunt said...

Cute Hon. But this is what's called "The Mommy Years." ,-) Don't worry. Blink your eyes a couple of times, and you'll be in your "Golden Years." And say; "Hey, where did the time go?" :-)

OT but, I didn't publish your comment on the "Summit Dumping Rachel" mess, because the news on this mess, races along. Breaking news and comments and columns, all the time. I'm not keeping a running tally of the news, on my blog. It's too depressing.

But thank you for reading, and being so kind as to leave a comment!

Alice's Aunt