Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day.....

Pineapple upside down cake - check (and DELICIOUS!!! Not a low cal breakfast, I know but I HAD to try it...).

Turkey in crock pot - check.
I had to wrassle' that breast though. Broke a few ribs to get it to fit in my crock and to be on the safe side, it has been cooking on low since about midnight.

Dressing - almost a check. Everything is toasted/cut up. Just need to melt the butter, add the broth and meld.

Mac and Cheese - pan is waiting on the oven although I may add some shredded cheese in there before it goes for extra gooeyness.

Bad hair cut - DOUBLE check! Now I know why I 'splurged' on expensive salons. Not to self: never ever go to a super clips type place again. I made this promise to myself in 1998 but apparently I forgot why I made myself that rule. Now I, I am NOT posting a picture!

Will update more later..................

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Conchita said...

OK. Don't post a picture if you don't want to but... send me it! please! :-)