Saturday, June 26, 2010

Failing at my own challenge....

Ok, so I have been in front of the 'puter more than this but.....hey, I AM posting now! :)

Did Boot Camp at Jazzercise today. It wasn't as difficult as the one I did when I was training to become an instructor. So either I am getting stronger or the two ladies who lead it were softer. Not sure how to decide the answer.

Straightening the apartment for the arrival of the sister-in-law and her hubs. Hope they don't want to eat anything while here b/c it is slim pickins'.

Coordinating with the girls our Eclipse date. YEA!!!!

Needing to look at some of these textbooks I have to evaluate (UGH) and fill out my Weight Watchers paperwork to be an employee. If I keep gaining weight they will not want me. On that note bought 3 new pairs of shorts today. From the juniors section. :)

More randomness later. Must sort papers now.

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